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Birthdays: An Xtra Happy Birthday; November 14th!

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An Xtra Happy Birthday; November 14th!

Yesterday on November 13th, three Eurovision artist celebrated their birthday. Today however we have one singer that has a birthday. The birthday girl of the day won the Eurovision Song Contest. Her victory is quite special because the song was also the debut act of her country. Marija Šerifović has a birthday today.

Marija Šerifović, 33

Yugoslavia’s Eurovision history starts in the year 1961, however Serbia first entered the contest on its own for the first time in 2007. Then Serbia selected Marija to perform for them in Helsinki. “Molitva”, her song was well received in Helsinki, and got 268 points. That was enough to give Serbia the victory, therefore the only country to win at its debut. Not counting Switzerland’s victory at the first ever Eurovision.

 We all here at escXtra.com would like to wish Marija the best on her birthday!

  • By Hlynur Sigurðsson on Nov 14, 2017Source: escXtra.com
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