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Denmark 2019

  1. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    Denmark will choose their entry on the 23rd of February - they'll have a superfinal of three decided through 50/50, I believe.

    Simone Emilie - Anywhere
    Jasmine Gabay - Kiss Like This
    Rasmus Faartoft - Hold My Breath
    Marie Isabell - Dancing With You In My Heart
    Sigmund - Say My Name
    Humørekspressen - Dronning af baren
    Julie & Nina - League of Light
    Teit Samsø - Step It Up
    Leonora - Love Is Forever
    Leeloo - That Vibe

    Just as bland and unoriginal as I remember - if I was pushed to pick a top three, I would say Julie&Nina, Leonora and Simone Emilie. (There's also some really disturbing lyrics from Teit, Jasmine and Leeloo)

    :dk: have an uphill battle with any of these, though.
  2. Merjan nnnnnn nnnn nnnnnn nn nnnnn SO good, y'all

    Can't stand any of them :D Don't mind Rasmus
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  3. Mina Member with a "past"

    Very....Danish final. Nothing really stands out.

    Anyway, the 3 songs I'd like to see in the superfinal are Hold My Breath, Love Is Forever and League Of Light.

    Step It Up is fun, too.
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  4. same old Denmark every year zzzzzzzzzz
  5. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    Blimey. That's one hour of my life I'm never getting back. I mean everything was so bad, it was comical :S Right, Humørekspressen (yes, I copy-pasted shamelessly from above) gets my vote. Check it out, sok :up: Other than that, Rua's top 3 would be my 2-4, if pushed.
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  6. No point they wont pic it they always have one danish song in the final but have no intention of it winning and even if it did the boring old farts would make them change it to english :(
  7. CTP Jass hater

    Faartoft and "Hold My Breath" go together well really.

    My favourite is Humørekspressen, but I can live with Julie & Nina, neither of which I expect them to pick.
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  8. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    :dk: has picked their song - Leonora with 'Love Is Forever' beat League of Light and Say My Name in the superfinal.

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