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  1. Wiggles Administrator


    I created a league on fantasy.premierleague.com. It's maybe a bit late to join for the first round, but there'll be 38 in total, so it's not a complete loss to join one round late. Just ask me in chat or whenever I'm online for the code (janet, sok and curtis also have joined, maybe they'll also remember the code) and you can join the mighty little league.
  2. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

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  3. Wiggles Administrator

    Since the season has just crossed the half-way line, I thought I'd post a little update on proceedings.

    The teams in our little league are:
    Yugosokia, played by Sok,
    Ewok's XI, played by BAS,
    At Sea, played by Wiggles,
    PFS, played by Janet,
    Curtston Ashton, played by Curtis, and
    TeamEmpel, played by Nick

    The cup was not a successful venture, the cup is a competition the fantasy league starts in gameweek 18, using the top ≈2.1 million teams in gameweek 17. That gameweek was bad for most of us in our minileague, so only Yugosokia and At Sea qualified. Yugosokia went out already in GW18, and At Sea went now in GW20, so the cup is of no further consideration for anyone.

    Here's the table of escChat Conference North as it stands. 20 gameweeks have been played, but I'll focus on the first 19, since it's the first half and it rounds up nicely with the end of the year.
    TeamEmpel deserves a footnote, it was only founded after 2 rounds had already been played, so it was at a disadvantage from the start.

    Now for some statistics of what has happened so far:

    A table of GW by GW score, shows us that Sok's 1st placing is no single-round fluke, she has consistently had the lead from the early-round chaos. However, the top points in each round are a bit spread around so the others do get some small victories. After those early rounds, the places have settled a bit, but no one is safe in their current position though. There are not going to be any quick changes in placings now, but this is like cricket, and you must think of the possibilities until the end of the last over.
    (Upper table is week by week, lower table shows cumulative total by week)

    The current league standings tell us some things about earlier proceedings. For example, At Sea has been the most transfer happy. I usually use up my weekly transfers, and I made some extra transfers at the cost of 8 points early, after my good start of the season started to turn really bad. This transfer activity plus having some badly chosen subs in the early rounds means that At Sea's team value depreciated early on, but has steadied and the total budget is the same as PFS. Nick seems to have abandoned his team, having not made any transfers since joining. Still, his dormant team did have a great score in GW20, so maybe he'll stage a comeback for the second half of the season. There are still a lot of points to play for, and some late-season dynamics to look forward to. As for the "chips" that the teams have played so far, Sok has used her Triple Captain, Sok, BAS and Curtis have used the Bench Boost, and everyone except Janet and Nick used the first Wildcard. (I would use the Bench Boost if I didn't always have a useless bench. Maybe later in the season)

    Here's a quick graph of the ranking changes so far. As can be seen here, there haven't been any place changes since GW8.

    A graph of accumulated points minus the average amount of points shows better how the league is developing.

    Yugosokia ascends steadily while Ewok's XI and At Sea try to keep up. PFS and Curtston Ashton have fallen behind a bit, but a period of good rounds could easily see them back near the top. TeamEmpel is in slow decline (probably with no one at the helm), but maybe if Nick started doing some Van Gaaling and a bit of Ruud Gulliting, he could try to catch up with the teams above. Hope is not lost for the teams that seem to be falling behind. When the difference is still just tens of points, it's easily possible to overcome it in a few rounds with some luck and some good managing.

    Globally, these are the current places of our teams:
    179,289th: Yugosokia
    652,364th: Ewok's XI
    865:481st: At Sea
    2,391,681st: PFS
    2,483,643rd: Curtston Ashton
    3,571,659th: TeamEmpel

    In addition to being the highest of us, Sok had the best individual gameweek place when she placed 25,521st in GW7. No one else here has managed to be in the top 100,000 in a GW.

    The nature of this game is such that we're not that stressed about it, it's more like something to watch with one eye, but I will be continuing to follow the statistics.
  4. sokrates1988 Come on Serbia

    Fascinating stuff Wiggles :up:
  5. Wiggles Administrator

    The Premier League season has ended, and with it the Fantasy season ended as well. As a result I can now present the final table and some other results from the season.


    Firstly, I'll do a small reminder of the teams in contention since I use the names of teams and their managers interchangeably in the text and graphs:

    At Sea - played by Wiggles, affiliation: Man Utd

    Curtston Ashton - played by Curtis, no affiliation

    Ewok's XI - played by Adam, affiliation: Arsenal

    PFS - played by Janet, affiliation: Liverpool

    TeamEmpel - played by Nick, affiliation Everton

    Yugosokia - played by sok, no affiliation

    As far as I know, the team affiliation is solely for the purpose of being in the fan league for that team. Still, it can be interesting to see what people choose.

    I showed the league standings at the halfway point in a previous post. The rank of the league has mostly remained the same, but that doesn't mean nothing has happened. At Sea made some plans after a Moyes-like form in the latter part of the first half and aimed to topple Yugosokia from the top spot. Curtston Ashton also had some ambitions to rise in the league and the fight was not over. Except for TeamEmpel. They were settled in a relegation spot already and didn't pay attention to fans' pleas for new signings.


    Firstly, I'll show some general graphs and tables from the season, then give a short summary.

    Every gameweek score (with transfer costs deducted when applicable) and total cumulative score

    Month-by-month score

    Cricket-style worm graph

    Since the worm graph is not very readable, here's a graph showing each gameweek's total score with the average score deducted. The same information is shown, but this is a better indicator of when teams did well or badly.
    Total points minus average league points

    Ranking graph, shows more clearly the place changes.

    Overall rank graph, showing each team's rank compared to all players in the world (ca. 4.5 million)

    Final overall rank of all teams and their highest and lowest positions

    Highest and lowest points for each team and the gameweeks those were achieved

    Extreme high and low points can depend on a variability in the number of matches in a gameweek, so another good indicator is the highest and lowest gameweek ranks, as the success is relative to how everyone else did.

    Highest and lowest individual gameweek ranks

    Season Summary

    The year started with good performances from At Sea and Curtston Ashton, with the latter being the best in January and the former in February. In gameweeks 21-26 Curtston gave PFS a fight for the 4th place, especially with a great score in GW25. Sadly, they then had one of their worst weeks in GW26 and slumped back to 5th. As seen in the averages graph, these two teams remained close for the rest of the season and the battle for 4th was far from over.

    Gameweek 24 saw At Sea take the 2nd place off Ewok's XI after losing it back in GW8. Around this time, Ewok's XI started to slump in form, possibly due to being neglected by their manager. For the rest of the season, there was an occasional change in captain, but no more transfers, and the team sank steadily in the overall rank. At the end of the season, PFS won the wrestle with Curtston Ashton, and came close to challenging Ewok's XI for the 3rd place.

    In the fight for the top spot, At Sea came close to Yugosokia twice but both times fell back and 4 rounds from the finish line, the difference between the teams was 97 points. At Sea's manager was plotting, however. There had been a blank gameweek in 28 and a few double gameweeks were coming up. (A blank gameweek is when several teams don't play and therefore many players can't score points. Conversely, a double gameweek has teams play their games in hand and therefore many players get two games)

    The big double week came in GW37. The difference at the top was down to 62 points, and most of At Sea's players should have two games. The plan worked brilliantly and shortly before the end of the week, At Sea had overtaken Yugosokia and led by 20 points. Yugosokia's manager had no choice but to put on her headphones and start ranting.


    Enter the Hurricane.


    Yugosokia didn't give Kane the captain's armband, but his 4 goals, plus the other spurs players sufficed to hold the lead at the end of the round, but before GW38, the difference was only 10 points. The strategies were different, Yugosokia with a captain from a team with nothing to play for, At Sea hoping Arsenal wanted the Champions League. At Sea managed a decent showing on the last day, but another FIFA game in the easiest setting for Kane resulted in a hat-trick and a good day for Yugosokia. This meant Yugosokia held the lead they had taken in GW5 and were crowned champions, so unlike '96, the rant was successful.


    The Fantasy Cup

    No team from our league managed to get far in the cup, but it was still played, so it deserves a small mention. Yugosokia and At Sea met the threshold to qualify, but were knocked out quite early. At Sea managed 3 rounds while Yugosokia got only 1, which hands the cup title to At Sea. Due to the feebleness of the achievement, this cup competition is equivalent to winning an egg cup. So the Egg Cup Champions: At Sea.

    Other season awards:

    The most amount of gameweeks won: Yugosokia (13)
    Most months won: Yugosokia and At Sea (4 each)
    Most points in a gameweek: At Sea (131 - GW37)
    Highest gameweek rank: Curtston Ashton (16,676th - GW25)

    Fewest gameweeks won: TeamEmpel (2)
    Fewest months won: PFS and TeamEmpel (0)
    Fewest points in a gameweek: Yugosokia (12 - GW28)
    Lowest gameweek rank: TeamEmpel (4,318,180th - GW36)
    Derby County award for an abysmal showing in a league competition: TeamEmpel
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  6. sokrates1988 Come on Serbia

    What a fab read that was and loved the pic accompaniments, Now ill spend a bit in the summer and then resign in january to be replaced by King Kenny. Thanks for arranging the game Wiggles it made the premier league exciting for this championship fan. See you next season and i would love it if we beat them love it :music: Where are richard keys and Andy Gray.
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  7. Merjan That's not my yurt

    Well, stuff me, haven't you been busy :D And all I worked out was that there were only 15 points between you and Sok but 60,202 places. (Alphabetical order or some other determiner must have come into play.) And didn't I have a spectacular fall from grace from week 1 to week 2.

    Congratulations to Sok and thank you, Wiggles, it was fun.
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  8. sokrates1988 Come on Serbia

    UEFA Cup for Planet Janet
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  9. Wiggles Administrator

    The first few gameweeks aren't a good indicator for anything, I remember Bolton Wanderers topping the Premier League once after a few games. Still, thanks all for playing, I hope there's an interest in another season come August.
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  10. sokrates1988 Come on Serbia

  11. Curtis Belgium is a non country.

    Incredible read wiggles, i'll definitely be in next season
  12. Wiggles Administrator

    This time, I'll give people more than a single day to react. On the 11th, the premier league will start again. I have renewed our conference north and I think the old members will be added automatically if they become active again. Otherwise let me know (also if you have been added and don't want to be in the league).

    If anyone else cares to join, then just let me know in chat or via conversation on this site, in case I'm offline.
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  13. sokrates1988 Come on Serbia

    Im sorted all done and now looking forward to the 11th :up:

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