ESCplus is looking for you, be part of our team!

We are looking for new staff for our media who are passionate about Eurovision, Junior Eurovision or in European Broadcasting Union competitions.

If your passion is Eurovision or Junior Eurovision and you are always up to date with the latest news from the Eurovision, Junior Eurovision and music world, you are studying journalism or audiovisual communication and want to expand your CV, you have new ideas to put into action, you write correctly and without spelling mistakes, or you have a small blog, website or project and you want to be part of a great team with professional experience, you are in the right place!

If you are interested in joining our team, please fill in the form below, explaining your reasons for joining us. Introduce yourself, tell us about your experiences and all the information we need to know that you are the right person to join ESCplus.





    Date of Birth*: (Minimum age 18 years old)

    Editorial staffSocial MediaVideo editingInterviewsGraphic DesignPhotographyVoice-overOtro (Especificar)

    High (Almost every day)Medium (once a week)Low (Once a month)Variable (Specify)

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    Tell us more about you: (You can add any additional information, such as ideas or projects that you would like to carry out... You can also ask us any questions you may have)

    Additional files:
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    In case of occupying more than the allowed space, please attach URL (Google Drive, Dropbox...) with the attached file.



    If you want to join our media with the purpose of getting accreditations for events, you should know that we cannot guarantee you a press pass in case you are planning to attend one, as in many cases they are limited and, in addition, you should take into account that, in order to access this type of events, it will be necessary to collaborate actively with the activities and projects that are proposed day by day in the different working groups of our media.

    For logistical reasons, it is not possible to collaborate in any other Eurovision related media at the same time as working in our media. This restriction does not apply to general media which can offer greater compatibility when it comes to developing both projects correctly and dedicating the necessary time to each one.

    As there is the possibility of participating in different events as press in the hand of our media, ESCplus, the minimum age to take part in the process will be 18 years old.

    Our media does not receive any financial profit from its activities, so we do NOT have the opportunity to provide a salary to any of our team members. In exchange, we offer the possibility to practice journalism in professional contexts, attend events, etc. The advertising we use on our platforms only serves to cover the costs of server and domain maintenance.


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