S10 to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision 2022

Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS has just announced that S10 will represent the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, scheduled to be held in Turin (Italy) next May. The song, in Dutch, will be presented in a later stage.

Stien den Hollander, known artistically as S10, was born in Abbekerk on 8 November 2000. S10 is an expert in rap and spoken word and highlights the huge importance of telling her stories as her own experiences and in her own language, so her song for Turin will be performed in Dutch, being the first time since 2010 that the Netherlands sends to the Senior Eurovision stage a song in their official language.  

S10 has currently more than 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and various collaborations with the most influential artists in the Netherlands. She made her debut in the music world at just 16 years old thanks to her signing contract with the Noah’s Ark record label, with which she released her first two albums about mental health, “Antipsychotica” (2017) and “Lithium” (2018). Since then, she has released two other albums in a more professional way, “Snowsniper” in 2019 and “Vlinders” last year, the latter of which led her to a sold-out tour on all dates and hits on the local charts.

As the general manager of AVROTROS, Eric van Stade, comments, the selection of S10 as a representative has been unanimous by the selection committee, which highlights that her song “displays guts and authenticity“. They know that they are “sticking their necks” with the choice of a theme in Dutch, but that this “promises that it will be a very special edition for the Netherlands“.

S10’s latest hit is a remix of his song “Adem je in” (Breathe in English), which you can listen to it below:

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