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  1. Kevin New Member

    This is my country - Þiðbandid (pronounced: Thithbandith)
    We are so great - we even have our own website: http://www.freewebs.com/pidbandid/


    *Capital *Tizþür
    *Other Main Cities *Jünèrtń, Rizðï
    *Government Type *Parlimentary Monarchy
    *King *HRH Kevin Knight
    *Prime Minister *Jabeen Toofanny MP
    *National Anthem *This Is My Life (In Þiðbandið)
    *National Day *17th August
    *Climate *Mediteranean & Continental
    *Population *10,790 (as of 14th Nov 2008)
    *Religion *Kevinism
    *Languages *Þiðbandisj, Šake Language
    *Currency *Þið (Ƿ)
    *GDP *Ƿ935,385,205
    *Unemployment Rate *0.6%
    *Allies *Jabia, Ishtaristan, Norlands
    *Enemies *Fusionia
    *Time Zone *UTC+2
    *Internet Code *.þd
    *Dialling Code *+502

    And the map of our country:
    We are located at the bottom of the continent - Neapiri, and we also have colonies located in Western Neapiri
  2. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    OMG Kevin we should so create like an alliance or something! :D Like the EU, but with only a few countries, and then Ishtaristan can join! :D
  3. Kevin New Member

    We already have a kind of UN :P
  4. Kevin New Member

  5. Kevin New Member

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