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2013 Rehearsals


    In this thread, I'll keep you updated with what's happening in the rehearsals. We can't see the rehearsals as EBU won't allow people to film inside the arena. However, EBU will record videos of the rehearsals (mostly preparation before the rehearsals and then 15/20 seconds of the actual rehearsal).

    The schedule for the rehearsals:

    Monday, 6th May
    • Austria (10.00 CET)
    • Estonia (10.40 CET)
    • Slovenia (11.20 CET)
    • Croatia (12.00 CET)
    • Denmark (13.30 CET)
    • Russia (14.10 CET)
    • Ukraine (14.50 CET)
    • Holland (15.30 CET)

    Some general stuff:
    • Every country gets 30 minutes to rehearse
    • In these 30 minutes, they'll squeeze in 4 runs
    • It seems the artists are performing in their semifinal clothes

    So we kicked off with Austria. She already said she was going to wear a silk top and light jeans, so no surprise there.
    Vocally she was fine, she was powerful and seemed to have the song under control.
    Now the two parts you can't actually see, so we need to trust others on this, but Natália is said to have few interaction skills with the camera. It seemed to get better after her 3rd and 4th run, but it still wasn't good enough. Performance wise, it was really simple, but nothing wrong with that. They seemed to have lanterns on stage, and those were described as 'condoms' or 'tampons' in some of the commentary I read.

    Next up was Estonian Birgit. She turned out to be the first surprise of the day, with a lot of positive comments for her.
    Vocally she seemed to be flawless. They added a long note in the middle of the song (she didn't have that in Eesti Laul) which works really well. She nailed every note she could've nailed.
    She was wearing a wide, long white dress, which looked really good.
    Again, a very simple performance. Could these two starting songs (Estonia/Austria) be too similar to let them both look like qualifiers?

    After two slower songs, we moved onto Slovenia's attempt at dubstep: Hannah's 'Straight Into Love'.
    She's wearing some sort of latex outfit, which looks really trashy. The performance also seemed to be a little trashy. Three male dancers + Hannah on stage, all dressed in black.
    Vocally, Hannah obviously struggled with the song. She kept getting better as she sang the song more, but on her 4th run, she still managed to sing the entire last minute off key. At the moment, this does not look like a qualifier.

    Croatia was the 4th rehearsal today. No surprise there: they were vocally pitch perfect and sounded awesome together.
    The song still is a bit boring, but it's nice and traditional and with all their Balkan friends in the semi, this is a likely qualifier.
    They're wearing very traditional costumes, which suits the song.

    After a lunch break, we went onto #5: Denmark. And there was some stuff going on there.
    The communication on stage between the backings/dancers and Emmelie wasn't working well. On their first run, Emmelie got a dirty look from one of them.
    Vocally she did miss some notes. Especially the long one went wrong in 3 of the 4 runs.
    Performance wise, it seemed to be similar to her NF performance.
    Denmark still is the favourite to win, but they didn't make themselves look stronger today...

    Sixth up was Russia. We all expected that performance to be as cliche as it could be and it turned out we were right.
    As you might expect from the winner of The Voice Russia, she hit every note, but sounded a little flat in some parts. Her pronounciation wasn't that good either, but that's not dramatic.
    Towards the end of the song, the backings and Dina walk to the front of the stage to stand united. It's so sweet, your teeth will ache.
    During Cyprus Night, we heard about the 'sperm' in the background for their 2011 entry. Those sperms are back now, for Russia.

    Oh wow... this is the hilarious highlight of the day: Ukraine.
    The start of the Ukrainian performance includes a giant. I'm not kidding, the man is 243cm. I've added a picture of him and Zlata at the end of this description. He carries her on stage, puts her on some sort of tree stump and that's it. It's all looking very Disney.
    It actually went wrong at first, with Zlata dropping her microphone and having issues with her dress when he carried her on stage.
    Vocally, she's pitch perfect, but that performance needs to be improved.
  10. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    And the last rehearsal for today was Anouk's, for Holland.
    As always, Anouk was really good vocally. No doubt there. The performance however is not what I expected to be seeing. It's very dark and during the chorus, there will be red in the background with birds flying there...
    It sounds good, but I'm still not sure what Anouk can do in the semi.

    After seeing pictures, there's 1 interesting thing about Anouk's performance. She always said she didn't want to make the stage look big, so here's what they did: they use the main stage for the backings. Anouk will be standing on the smaller stage at the end of the catwalk for the full three minutes. She'll be surrounded by the standing fans. It might look good on camera...
  11. adamacs RUTH DAVIDSON FOR PM.

    intereting although russia and ukraine have been uploaded to the eurovision website, denmark is missing
  12. adamacs RUTH DAVIDSON FOR PM.

    it's up now, I wonder what caused the delay hmmmmm

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