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2022 Ranking

  1. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    Lets have a giggle and see if we like any songs this year i know its hard :D



    the rest no interest at all
    shared Bog :fi: :pt:
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  2. Mina Member with a "past"

  3. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    my current Top 10 (susceptible to changes, etc and in random order) is:

    :lt: Lithuania
    :cy: Cyprus
    :nl: Holland
    :al: Albania
    :es: Spain
    :ch: Switzerland
    :fr: France
    :au: Australia
    :se: Sweden
    :pt: Portugal

    to be honest, I'm waiting for all of the songs to come out before I even attempt a reranking. :D
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  4. James ... and his things xD

  5. Ronini SHIT Taste Central

    Here my full ranking. Blue I love, Green I like, Yellow is neither here nor there, Red I don't like. The ranking is a result of pitting all songs against each of the other ones (with win, draw, lose options) and forming a league style table out of that. (Hence the occasional shared places)

    1:nl: Holland
    2:md: Moldova
    3:cz: Czechia
    4:hr: Croatia
    4:pt: Portugal
    6:at: Austria
    7:ge: Georgia
    8:rs: Serbia
    9:si: Slovenia
    10:am: Armenia
    10:de: Germany
    10:ie: Ireland
    13:no: Norway
    14:fr: France
    15:mk: North Macedonia
    16:se: Sweden
    17:pl: Poland
    18:lt: Lithuania
    19:dk: Denmark
    19:uk: UK
    21:ee: Estonia
    21:is: Iceland
    23:be: Belgium
    24:fi: Finland
    25:gr: Greece
    25:es: Spain
    27:sm: San Marino
    28:al: Albania
    28:ua: Ukraine
    30:au: Australia
    31:cy: Cyprus
    31:ch: Switzerland
    33:it: Italy
    34:ro: Romania
    35:lv: Latvia
    35:me: Montenegro
    37:az: Azerbaijan
    38:mt: Malta
    39:bg: Bulgaria
    40:il: Israel
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  6. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    It's hard for me to do a proper ranking because there are things that I simply enjoy / don't mind / dislike at the same level. So I did the Gerbear sorter and then adjusted a little where I felt it was off, and came up with some categories (and the listings inside each category are loosely ranked as well).

    Songs I really enjoy:
    :md: Moldova
    :no: Norway
    :pt: Portugal
    :nl: Holland
    :si: Slovenia
    :es: Spain
    :hr: Croatia

    Songs I like:
    :se: Sweden
    :de: Germany
    :ua: Ukraine
    :al: Albania
    :lt: Lithuania
    :cy: Cyprus
    :cz: Czech Republic
    :ge: Georgia
    :rs: Serbia

    Songs I don't mind:
    :ee: Estonia
    :ro: Romania
    :ie: Ireland
    :mk: Macedonia
    :sm: San Marino
    :am: Armenia
    :gr: Greece
    :fr: France
    :uk: United Kingdom
    :be: Belgium
    :is: Iceland

    Songs I'm not fussed about:
    :mt: Malta
    :au: Australia
    :az: Azerbaijan
    :lv: Latvia
    :ch: Switzerland
    :dk: Denmark
    :at: Austria
    :me: Montenegro
    :pl: Poland

    Songs that really irk me:
    :it: Italy
    :fi: Finland
    :il: Israel
    :bg: Bulgaria
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  7. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    I just realised it's been a month since I last posted my ranking and since then there's been some movements, either majorly or small increments.

    Here is the current ranking (thanks Gerbear):

    :se: 01 Hold Me Closer
    :lt: 02 Sentimentai
    :pt: 03 Saudade, saudade
    :es: 04 SloMo
    :gr: 05 Die Together
    :cy: 06 Ela
    :al: 07 Sekret
    :nl: 08 De diepte
    :fr: 09 Fulenn
    :au: 10 Not The Same
    :ee: 11 Hope
    :rs: 12 In Corpore Sano
    :mk: 13 Circles
    :cz: 14 Lights Off
    :pl: 15 River
    :me: 16 Breathe
    :no: 17 Give That Wolf A Banana
    :it: 18 Brividi
    :ie: 19 That's Rich
    :am: 20 Snap
    :uk: 21 Space Man
    :at: 22 Halo
    :ch: 23 Boys Do Cry
    :fi: 24 Jezebel
    :ua: 25 Stefania
    :be: 26 Miss You
    :ro: 27 Llámame
    :az: 28 Fade To Black
    :is: 29 Með hækkandi sól
    :dk: 30 The Show
    :md: 31 Trenulețul
    :hr: 32 Guilty Pleasure
    :mt: 33 I Am What I Am
    :ge: 34 Lock Me In
    :sm: 35 Stripper
    :si: 36 Disko
    :de: 37 Rockstars
    :lv: 38 Eat Your Salad
    :il: 39 I.M
    :bg: 40 Intention

    This is probably going to change in about a month's time anyway since the pre-party shenanigans have already rumbled some of the songs I like and made them drop - who knows once rehearsals start to roll in.
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  8. mrvirgo Active Member

    1. :es:
    2. :nl:
    3. :it:
    4. :se:
    5. :cy:
    6. :rs:
    7. :ie:
    8. :pl:
    9. :gr:
    10. :au:
    11. :no:
    12. :ro:
    13. :fi:
    14. :ee:
    15. :ua:
    16. :cz:
    17. :uk:
    18. :am:
    19. :al:
    20. :de:
    21. :sm:
    22. :me:
    23. :fr:
    24. :mt:
    25. :mk:
    26. :lt:
    27. :pt:
    28. :is:
    29. :az:
    30. :ch:
    31. :at:
    32. :be:
    33. :dk:
    34. :md:
    35. :il:
    36. :hr:
    37. :si:
    38. :ge:
    39. :bg:
    40. :lv:
  9. James ... and his things xD

    After show, I would make this personal top 10:

    1. :uk:
    2. :ro:
    3. :lt:
    4. :ua:
    5. :nl:
    6. :se:
    7. :fr:
    8. :it:
    9. :no:
    10. :cz:

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    You have 6 of my top 10 (on the night) in there... Plus my bog :D
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  11. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

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