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Agnes Carlsson: 'I Need You Now'

  1. There was NO WAY in hell I was putting this in the "any song" thread because it's not just ANY SONG is it? It's only FUCKING AGNES. I am in FULL L00N MODE AND SO CANNOT FUNCTION PROPERLY.


  2. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    (it doesn't reach the greatness of "Release me" but it's still great!)

    Fireflance loves it!! :up:

    PS. How long do you think it will be before we see it representing a certain country in a certain contest of a certain site other than escchat.com? :P
  3. LMFAO :D well Kevin is obviously reading this AS WE SPEAK so I should assume he will try and nick it to stop Mark winning for the millionth time in a row...two things surprise me:

    (1) The fact they haven't tried to re-use "Release Me" in their contest
    (2) The fact Kevin has not thrown a massive hissy at Mark winning every time
  4. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    haha! the 2nd one surprises me too!
    but if u havent realised its their contest... how can a song participate twice?:P:P:P
  5. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Tbh I can't make up my mind whether I like it or not :S I reckon its gonna be a hit, but maybe because I liked the simpleness of the original version of this song, I can't seem to like the new one very much :)

    I'm also surprised that either On & On or Look at me now weren't chosen as follow up singles, or a spiced up version of Love Love Love.

    And dear god I hope thats not gonna be the single cover (in the video) because its hideous :D
  6. OMGZ Kots, how could I be so forgetful? We are all impostors ofc :rolleyes::P:D

    TBH I think ANY of the Dance Love Pop tracks would have made a killer follow up although (as you and I have said in the past) "On And On" is even better than "Release Me" but might be a bit too 'European' to be acceptable for UK radio stations :)rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:)

    But there's NO WAY the record company would release "Love Love Love" :P it is FAR TOO DISCOTASTIC (translation: homosexual) for the mass UK public to appreciate - plus it's one google search away from outing her as a POSSIBLE CONTESTANT TO GO TO EUROVISION :( that would be her career over...

    And LMAO no, that's not the single over although this era has been RIDICULOUS for cover art :D they took like 5 photos and have re-used the FUCK out of them - the supposed cover is below.

    and BTW she's signed a contract in the US - OUR AGGIE IS GONNA BE BIG.

  7. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Well I quite like that single cover, except its not as overblown, shiny and ridiculously photoshopped as Release me, but meh :D

    LMAO the comment about Love Love Love is so true. However much potential its got, ANY eurovision connection however tenuous it is, would leave her career in tatters, annoyingly :rolleyes:

    And on the subject of esc-related-follow-up-singles (Its the closest I could get :P) Jade may be a tad fucked, to put it lightly :o Basically although 1extra love her song and have it on their A-list, they get about 8 viewers a year and Radio 1 have ignored it completely :o :o :o So its far from being a guaranteed hit like everybody thought it would :( IMO, the moral of the story is, "SHOULDDA RELEASED PUNCHING OUT" :D

    But anyway, back on the subject of Agnes, d ya reckon with her success there any chance that "Right here right now" might end up being an x factor winning single anytime in the future? Seeing as all of ours have been recycled dirge so far theres a very good chance I reckon :D
  8. In all honestly, I was not one of these RUBBISHGAIS who thought Jade stood a fucking chance in the chart. She's just seemed so 'rent-a-Leona/Alexandra' and I don't think releasing any of her singles would make up for the fact that noone but ESC-fans really give a flying fuck.

    And it would be a SMART MOVE to release "Right Here, Right Now" but Simon Cowell does not look very far to find his BLOATED, SICKENING BALLAD WHICH DESTROYS XMAS, it'll probably just be the same ol' 'let's destroy a classic' like in 2008. The one thing I hate about the winner's single is that it's a cover; in Sweden they have proper writers to make a BRAND NEW LOT OF DIRGE so at least there's SOME originality there.
  9. Jonny I've just realised, the cover in the YouTube video can't be the official one because it was used for "On & On" in Sweden except without the rainbow effects.
  10. Eurovizz Member

    I also can't really judge wether I like this song or not :S It has a bit yes and no on it. But this song will probably grow on me since I like the strings at the beginning :)

    And about Release Me, I have never liked it at all:@
  11. Also before I go to bed, I just have to express my amusement at the fact that a video called "Nasolabial Cyst Being Excised" is 5th in the 'related videos' column on the YouTube page for her single! :D
  12. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Oh my god.

    OH MY GOD.

    I actually thought this song, and video, couldn't get any better, but I was wrong .. :o

    However I do swear to god they try and make her look more and more like Leona Lewis with every video.


    Heres her U.S video for Release me ... :o Its good in places, but not quite as good as the original, but still! :o

    Wikipedia says something about the American label rejecting the original because it was too grown up or something (???), but yeah so anyway they got this one instead! :D
  13. Great video :) "On and on" is actually the only song by Agnes I really like.

    Let's have the English/French version of "Release me" too:

  14. No idea where this came from, but it is lovely :)

  15. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    hmmm.. i'm still not sure!

    The video quite obviously had a big-ish budget, but it seems a tad weird and cheap :P Having said that it still has nothing on that front in comaprism to the new Sugababes video lol.

    I really can't say whether I like this song or not ... on one hand it is quite nice, fairly catchy ... but on the other it doesn't have nearly as much impact as Release me or On and on, and tbh I can't see it being nearly as big as Release me in the UK charts.

    I do find it a bit weird that the record label opted for this to be her second single in the UK, when the record labels in virtually every other country chose On and On instead, which is a far more obvious choice imo, I would even go as far as to say a spruced-up version of Love love love would have been a wiser choice, and thats saying something given its essentially a eurovision song!

    Maybe if it had more strings in the chorus i'd like it more ... meh I dunno but GOOD LUCK AGNES ANYWAY :D
  16. c1ask0 Napkin of death holder

    I think you are all nuts for Agnes. :P
  17. Her UK record label (All Around The World - AATW) wouldn't know how to make a star if their lives depended on it. All they are good for is making one-hit Euro-pop/dance wonders (well, any record label with Kate 'France Gall rip-off act' Ryan on it's books is automatically a bit dodgy) and given the fact the only act they've been able to support properly is Cascada, I would say Agnes was fucked from the word go, in the UK at least...
  18. The album has been pushed back to a February release.

    R.I.P. Agnes' UK career. We hardly knew ye.
  19. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Yeah I just read that :( I've got a feeling it's so they can get another single in, as the next release is basically going to be her second single given the hopelessness of I need you now. Fingers crossed its On & On, but i've got a horrible feeling its going to be that version of Big Blue Wall which, whilst I like it, would be just as much of a flop as I need you now.

    Oh well, shit happens.

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