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Amaury Vassili - Sore loser

  1. adamacs RUTH DAVIDSON FOR PM.

    EUROVISION. Amaury Vassili: "this is a result of shit!"

    Amaury Vassili lost. And lost badly. Fifteenth place, yesterday evening at Eurovision, for the French, so much so the bookies were the winners. A difficult, difficult night, in the bus that brought the french delegation back to its hotel in Düsseldorf (even if the conversations quickly focused on the case of DSK, which began to be confirmed). The "Tricolore" candidate remained credible, but was not hiding his disappointment, when answering a few questions. Without minding his language.
    "A bet dared and missed"
    "15th is a shit result, but it is not serious." Too bad for me. I gave everything I could. The musical style was not convincing. It was a risk to send a song like that. "It didn't pay off."
    "I was the man to beat"
    "I was a favorite of the competition, according to bookmakers." Suddenly, I was the man to beat. Others clearly realised. Not this poor French jury of assholes who gave 12 points to Sweden, while they gave us only two points. I am really disappointed by the French jury. "I so wanted to win."
    "The winners are weak"
    "For me, the song of the Azerbaijan is cute." I did not believe a single second of this duo, couple. "And more, I find it really showed no balls to sing in English like that and not use the language of their country or a region like me with the Corsican."
    "disappointment made me vomit"
    "After my performance, I wanted to eat and I went immediately to vomit." The relaxation, the disappointment have really shaken me. Now, I have already switched to something else, my next disc. "I would like to record duets with some of the artists I met here, for example Spanish singer".

    But he was rubbish! We shall never know if it was the unconvincing musical style because he totally screwed it up. I actually felt embarrassed for him, he was so bad. It's one thing not to like a song (and we all did that last night) but imo his was the worst performance by far. It was only the instrumental break that saved him at all, because he managed at least to find the right key afterwards.
  3. Erixi Member

    Drama queen...? :turd:
  4. BTD A Member

    I never saw his entry going down as well as the bookies claimed it would, and I don't think the fact that it was a slow song in a fast paced contest helped either.

    Loving the bitterness though :D

    (Edit: Spelling correction)
  5. Natalya Rusinka :D

    Cry Baby xD

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