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An apology

  1. James ... and his things xD

    Hello all

    I make this post because of what happened recently in the chat room and in which I was involved.
    First of all, I want to state again that the things that caused a chaos: the song I entered in 80 and my votes in 81 were deciced on the way i clarified earlier.

    I know it sounds doubtful and most likely i would doubt about if it happened to anyone else as well, but I genuinely did not remember ‘Unbreakable’ was shown to me earlier. For the song Rua sent in 81, it is indeed true that I considered it as a good entry in december, but I can guarantee the voting proces went totally fair in april. I don’t see how I could have got any benefit by acting like that on purpose. Also I don’t see any reason why I would not vote for Rua.

    Having said that, I realise my behaviour after the last results show was not very mature. I don’t want to justify my acts, but I would ask you to imagine (even if you don’t believe it, just try) how I must have felt after I got accused of unfair voting. I felt attacked and reacted in an inappropriate way. I am not searching for excuses to justify my behaviour, I just want to clarify how it went in my head.

    Therefor I want to apologize to everyone in the chat room for my falling out and especially to Julio, Anette, Bas, Jw and Hanita.

    Also I apoligize for not being there for Montenegro night. I did not plan to return and also there were circumstances beyond my will which did not allow me to be there. I will not tell more about that, because I don’t want ‘Marcio scenario’s’ or sympathy because of that reason. Let’s just say someone needed me more that night. I should have communicated it, but I didn’t feel the need to do so at that moment.

    I always considered most of the people in the chat room as friends and I still do. I regret the way I acted towards all of you. I hope I can solve in the future what happened.
  2. adamacs RUTH DAVIDSON FOR PM.

    Thank you for the "apology" James.

    I did say that once you apologised, I would let sleeping dogs lie, however as part of your apology, something I was not aware of came to light and I feel the need to mention this.

    I knew that you had accused me of voting unfairly. What I was not aware of was that you did this to counter accusations against you.

    Far from being a mitigating circumstance, this makes your behaviour even more unacceptable. You essentially accused someone, who was not there to defend himself, of the exact same thing you were annoyed at being accused of.

    Behaviour like that is something I would expect from a stroppy adolescent, not a grown man, and at your age you should know better.

    As far as I am concerned, I have had my say and expressed my view. I will let this be the end.

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