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An esc winner's opinion on esc 2016

  1. Mina Member with a "past"

    This is what Alexander Rybak wrote and I have to say I agree with him, in general. Also, it's great when a eurovision winner is also a fan of eurovision :)

    First of all, PLEASE stop talking about politics! This is a SONG contest, and it just so happens that Ukraine and Russia had both good SONGS this year.
    Second, I really hate how betting has slowly ruined the fun in Eurovision. I was a betting favorite in 2009, and I hated it back then, too! ESC should not turn into a hype- and popularity-contest, and everyone should be given a fair chance. Belgium, Holland, Armenia, Spain amongst others suffered from being underrated in the betting. It will never be fair as long as there is betting.
    Third, no reason for bitching about the voting system. It's the same 50/50 that has been for years since Moscow 2009. Last year, Italy was the televiewers favorite, but came 3rd because the juries didn't think the song was good enough.
    Let's face it: The audience will always vote for the best overall impression, while the juries are there to make sure the good songs (which maybe can't afford an expensive show) get a fair chance too. It just happens that Måns had both an amazing song and act. Good for him. So..

    WINNER: Ukraine was both a viewer's favorite and a jury favorite. No wonder, because it was a sincere performance that transcended all cultures. And believe me, this victory is VERY important for the future of Eurovision, as people now see that it's possible to win with a serious song. Obviously, I'm not against party songs or power ballads, but I think already next year will be much more diverse because of Jamala's success. Bravo!

    TELEVOTING WINNER: Россия ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ! As an artist and composer, I think that pleasing millions of hearts is the most important in Eurovision! And Sergey won the most hearts! Although the juries wanted a more modern song this year, nobody can argue that this guy had the best show! The music was typical Eurovision, but that's why I watch Eurovision! Also, having the richest producer and the most expensive promo campaign and show doesn't help if you don't do a great performance. And Sergey's performance was AMAZING! With a more updated, modern song and some better (please) lyrics, you can definitely win again, both the jury and the people!

    JURY WINNER: This is hands down the best voice I've ever heard in Eurovision. And since there was no clear winner song this year, I can understand why the jury went for this one. I'm just so happy that when new countries are getting invited to participate in Eurovision, they give their best! Thank you, Australia!!!

    MY WINNER: Bulgaria! This is what's so fun about Eurovision: people can nag about what should have won, who deserves this and that, but we will always have songs that touch our hearts. And for me, it was suddenly all about Bulgaria. In the end of the final, I was rooting as a mad man for this girl and her catchy song, and now I'm doing my duty as an ESC fan and making my conspiracies about how much more points she would get if she were to sing closer to the end of the program, if the betting sites would not ruin for her, and if Bulgaria was a more popular country in Eurovision. But because of this 4th place, Bulgaria is now taken more seriously, and I really hope we get to see this princess again on the Eurovision stage.

    Last of all, I'm in love with Petra and Måns. They should have a baby, and call it Metra. Now it's only one year left till the next Eurovision!!!
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  2. LukeFuller Xinzo De Limia

    Excellent article.

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