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And the prize for most corrupt jury goes to...

  1. CK26 New Member

    Just noticed on the eurovision website they posted all the jury votes (think that's the first time that's happened) and looking through some of the result makes for some remarkable reading. Armenia in particular is pretty scandalous. Unsurprisingly all jury members ranked the Azeri entry last (the Azeri jury also returned this favour) but the Armenian jury also then proceeded to rank what would probably have been viewed as their biggest competitors very lowly, with Austrian, Sweden, Hungary and UK rounding out their bottom five. Really interesting stuff. Here's the link: http://www.eurovision.tv/page/results?event=1893&voter=AM
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  2. Marc Member

    I just hope we won't have a jury anymore in the future. 5 persons working in the music industry have the power of 50% - that's just absurd. There can be corrupt members as we can see in your example.
    And finally, most of the jury members are just deciding by their own personal taste, the same way as most of us are doing by televoting.
    So why do we need a jury?
  3. I totally agree. Juries is just an open window for imposing results. Democracy not jurocracy !!!
  4. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    This is actually quite a valid point. The results of both the Armenian and the Azeri juries are HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS :whistle: . Both of them ranked the vast majority of the favourites as low as possible, whilst giving the top spots to songs that had no hope whatsoever:

    Here's the Armenian jury's top 5 and bottom 5 (with favourites marked in green, and particular no-hopers marked in red):
    1: Malta
    2: Montenegro
    3: Belarus
    4: Germany
    5: Iceland
    21: United Kingdom
    22: Sweden
    23: Hungary
    24: Austria
    25: Azerbaijan

    Likewise, the Azeri jury ranking (with favourites marked in green, and particular no-hopers in red):
    1: Russia
    2: Belarus
    3: Hungary
    4: Romania
    5: Greece
    21: Switzerland
    22: Germany
    23: Sweden
    24: Austria
    25: Armenia

    Now obviously these are merely observations with no proof whatsoever, but to me both of their rankings are hugely questionable, particularly those of Armenia (Azerbaijan have already mastered the art of hiding their Eurovision trickery ofc. :cool: ). If they want to shoot each other in the foot then they're more than welcome, but deliberately ranking other favourites as low as possible certainly isn't cricket, and shouldn't be tolerated q.f.
  5. ThatWelshOne Member

    :ge: were also corrupt. All 5 jury members in the final had the exact same countries in their top 8. Coincidence? I think not.
  6. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    The plot thickens :cool:. I'm guessing that's why the Georgian jury results were disregarded?

    Taken from eurovision.tv: "The voting of Georgia in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest was based on 100% televoting. In case of technical issues with jury voting, or in case of a breach of rules and/or procedures, the Rules of the Eurovision Song Contest state that 100% televoting shall apply."
  7. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    Also, the importance of the juries is that some songs that are attractive for the people that watch on tv (*cough* Poland *cough*) don't end too high.

    Here are some televote and jury places for Poland from different countries.
    It's closer in other countries, but these are the ones where Poland would have points with a televote only and where the televote result is better than the jury one (so a lot):

    :at: Austria: Televote 3rd - Jury 24th
    :be: Belgium: Televote 4th - Jury 26th
    :dk: Denmark: Televote 10th - Jury 18th
    :mk: Macedonia: Televote 3rd - Jury 12th
    :fr: France: Televote 3rd - Jury 15th
    :gr: Greece: Televote 5th - Jury 17th
    :hu: Hungary: Televote 7th - Jury 15th
    :is: Iceland: Televote 2nd - Jury 23th
    :ie: Ireland: Televote 1st - Jury 26th
    :lv: Latvia: Televote 10th - Jury 24th
    :lt: Lithuania: Televote 4th - Jury 24th
    :mt: Malta: Televote 9th - Jury 18th
    :no: Norway: Televote 1st - Jury 19th
    :es: Spain: Televote 6th - Jury 15th
    :se: Sweden: Televote 3rd - Jury 17th
    :ch: Switzerland: Televote 7th - Jury 18th
    :nl: Holland: Televote 2nd - Jury 25th
    :ua: Ukraine: Televote 1st - Jury 8th
    :uk: United Kingdom: Televote 1st - Jury 25th

    That means that Poland would be a lot higher if there was no jury, so juries are essential.
  8. adamacs RUTH DAVIDSON FOR PM.

    thanks Den - this just proves that Poland should have won as they clearly had the best song, with exc vocals and an important message.

    damn those pesky juries
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    And all those people who moan that the UK is being overrun by Poles can now see they are taking over the world (or Europe at least) :P
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  10. CK26 New Member

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