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Any song thread :)

  1. Scheeples ©

    Give it 2 me. Now!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Arben The Flag Lover

    im listening to this these days:

    and another song which i wont show u because i consider to send it in in our contest in near future :)
  3. Eurovizz Member

    Since our site has become pretty quite recently, I shall post some random songs I listen to nowadays..that will not attend the contest lol lol

    After School - Ah

    LEE HYORI GODDESS :D - Intro & Invincible

    Lee Hyori Goddess again - Hey Mr Big

    Brown Eyed Girls - Sign

    2PM - Intro & Heartbeat

    Fin K.L ft. Wonder Girls ft. SNSD ft. KARA

    Ok I will stooop nooow :D
  4. Alex Identified Flying Object

    This period I listen to

    *Big Band songs like Michael Buble music , That's life , My way(dunno if it "big band" style) , also the "Allow us to be frank" album and more

    *Robbie Williams songs! OMG never knew he was THAT great! *All we ever wanted is to look godd naked*

    *The Script album AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN

    *Lambe Alabakovski songs like "Eh da mozam"(totally breathtaking) , "Belo e se" etc

    *My 100% irish songs like "Danny boy" , Carrickfergus , the national anthem(xD) and generally gaelic things

    *My wanna-be dreamie life songs that talk about kids making(LOL) , weddings(LOL) , and once-for-a-lifetime-loves that i am searching already...
    I'm too romantic , i know , and IT HURTS!

    (btw , i spend already more than week with my girl:o i dont think its gonna be a record tho...)

    "And when she's far away do you call your house a home? Do you dream you dream ur still together and wake up alone? Have you ever been in love?..." lyrics of the week.
  5. Eurovizz Member

    YEEEEEEEES.. Wonder Girls will debut in the UK next year :o:o they will also release another album in the US same year, as "Nobody" made it to Billboard Top 100 USA as first ever Far Eastern song this year:) they also sung in So You Think U Can Dance USA last week:o

    Nicole of Pussycat Dolls Introduction:

  6. Kiewen New Member

    Well shit me senseless. I am very surprised to see K-Pop coming to the UK, whether it does well or not is another matter! I can see it now, K-Pop on the Radio 1 playlist. It would certainly be a site to behold, and I would bloody love it. I wonder if they will release "Tell Me", or if they come up with some new material...., either way, I'm pretty sure I'll like it.

    Vizz, you never know, they might become really successful and tour Europe and visit Norway! Now that would be amazing :D
  7. Eurovizz Member

    just LOL @ Norway.. little tiny Norway :o I am even doubting that they know what Norway is.. the UK and Germany have always been the target for most non-European artists, so no shocking that they've chosen the UK market :rolleyes: I look forward :D and I think they will promote another single instead of Tell Me and Nobody :o
  8. Eurovizz Member


    I just noticed that one of the songs in my Top 10 for escChat Music Awards was charted as nr. 3 in Holland for not long time ago :P

  9. Eurovizz Member

    K-pop in Hungary


    In Hungary's Got Talent, a dancegroup named Bad Boyz have used uptempo k-pop songs and coreographies to charm the Hungarian public :)
    What song did they used during their performance?

    Bi Rain - Rainism
    Taeyang - Where U At
    BoA - Energetic
    Baek Ji Young ft. Taecyeon - My Ear's Candy (Remix)

  10. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Well it seems like this was leaked today, and it may be of interest to a few of you.


    My opinion is that its wayyy better than My Man and even Punching Out, so why they didn't chose it was a first single is baffling, but anyway, enjoy :)
  11. Eurovizz Member

    Ooo, I like it :) Is the song part of the upcoming Sugababes album or is it just solo work?

    btw, I found this quite amusing haha cause it was just right below the video:D
    FlierWithoutWings (1 day ago) 0 Reply | Spam
    well ,
    But im sure its a bit changed to the initial version of "I had him first"

    I so miss her solo career :(
  12. Eurovizz Member

    Well since the forum is apparently suffering of dead syndrome, I shall spread some mong syndrome with my extraordinary music la taste! :P

  13. If I remember correctly Flyer posted a link to Jade's "I had him first" in this forum (or was it in the chat :S) some time ago :)
  14. Alex Identified Flying Object

  15. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch


    Are you making a return? :P
  16. Eurovizz Member



    ^^, isn't it amazing after 19 hours?
  17. Eurovizz Member

    Perez Hilton...........

  18. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Well i'll be honest, that is QUITE IMPRESSIVE. However I just listened to the song to understand the hype, and tbh its kinda awful :D (imo, ofcourse)
  19. Eurovizz Member

    Jonny, you were the veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery last person I wanted to listen to the song haha xD
  20. New official video of Velvet's and Linda Bengtzing's "Victorious", the song that was rejected by MF :P

    You will spot EMD-Danny (and Vizzy Anna Anka) there too :)

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