•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Malmö!


  1. Kristiina sxesov q.f

    I am sorry for not being a good host and not visiting the site that often anymore.
    I try to visit it more often, but it's quite difficult. I've got some problems here but you really don't have to worry. There's nothing really bad. I just need to focus on the life outside the web more than usually right now.
    Thanks anyway and I think the 19th Edition should have had the name of JW. Thank you for doing this. You made my life a lot easier.
  2. Eurovizz Member

    It's ok Krissu :D :D (although your interval acts were quite mentally challenging, lol)
  3. CTP Jass hater

    ISAMAA ILU HOIELDES!!!! Keep the beauty of the fatherland! etc.
  4. Dingo "Who's Online" page Fan#1

    It was a stylish sxesov show! I think JW did a brilliant job and I'm sure he took a lot of inspiration from the Kristiina phenomenon.

    Also well done Adam. It was nice that, in a contest with lots of French entries, a French song managed to win!
  5. trallaaalaaaa

    Krissu, as long as you are fine, we will survive. :) do what you have to do, I guess we'll just be..well here hehe.
  6. Kristiina sxesov q.f

    ROFL at the Kristiina phenomenon

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