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Barbara Dex Award

  1. Ashley Hayes Eurovision Otaku Housewife

    The Barbara Dex award results just came out with Albania winning it at 829, followed by Ireland at 551 votes and Bulgaria at 232. I'm surprised that Holland didn't win it and only got 163 votes (even though i personally liked it)
  2. Lilly.. Y U NO ALIEN?

    Lol , how rude. Anyways go Albania <3 I still love the blue curtain. XD
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  3. Ashley Hayes Eurovision Otaku Housewife

    I know... that dress was my favourite <3.
  4. James ... and his things xD

    I voted denmark.
  5. Liam Esterran.

    I also voted Denmark. In one of the rehearsals she was wearing casual clothes and to me it suited the song much better.
  6. Ashley Hayes Eurovision Otaku Housewife

    I voted for Ireland... but i was tossing it up between Moldova as well
  7. Julio STRANGLES

    I voted Bulgaria

    I voted Albania, so second year in a row that the one I disliked the most wins it. The blue curtain didn't bother me, but that plastic chair on her neck, the rope of hair on her chest and the lost piece of metal around her ear really were awful.
    Holland... I guess the headdress deserved it, but the dress was ok. Denmark and Bulgaria were awful as well, hated Saggy Tits' outfit, she looked like an overaged slut.
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    1. Albania– RonaNishliu(829)
    2. Ireland– Jedward(551)
    3. Bulgaria– SofiMarinova(232)
    4. TheNetherlands– JoanFranka(163)
    5. Ukraine– Gaitana(145)
    6. Denmark– SolunaSamay(82)
    7. Turkey– CanBonomo(76)
    8. Sweden– Loreen(66)
    9. Bosnia&Herzegovina– MayaSar(62)
    SanMarino– ValentinaMonetta(62)

    I voted Albania, but I never thought she would win :D I'm so happy

    Rofl :court:
  11. Mina Member with a "past"

    Congrats to Rona, she totally deserved the award ^_^
  12. BTD A Member

    I voted Jedward, glad they're second
  13. I always have an issue with this award as people seem to vote for the acts who are dressed weirdly as opposed to badly. I still maintain that Bulgaria and Croatia were the worst dressed this year: completely age-inappropriate, ill-fitting and just ugly.

    I kinda agree with Sheep but I support Albania's vicotry. The worst dressed one must be the one that THINKS she/he is dressed great but she looks horrible to the rest. I absolutely include Albania there, along with Bulgaria and Croatia, for example.

    What I don't understand is Jedward being there. Yeah, the costumes are quite weird and ugly, but they wore them like that on purpose, looking bizarre, gagaish, whatever, not thinking they looked elegant or something like Rona.

    Another one I really miss there is Lithuania. Can you have your trousers more up than that? Can that suit be more innapropiate?
  15. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    In this award, I always vote for the one where the outfit completely pulls away all the attention from the song. This year, that was between Albania's utterly disturbing ear piece, rope of hair and plastic neck thing and Bulgaria's Saggy Tits.
  16. Mina Member with a "past"

    Well, there's good weird and bad weird and it's always in relation to the song. I wouldn't have voted for Verka, for example, because his outfit, although very weird, suited his character. He couldn't sing that song in jeans or in a tuxedo. Just like Enge couldn't sing that ballad dressed like the Jeds! In Rona's case, I imagine the purpose of the costume maker was 'night gown with an edge'. It could have worked if it didn't have that thing on the back (still not sure how to call it...looked like a chair was stuck in her hair) and those 2 big pieces of blue clothing that looked like curtains. The dress in her video was absolutely amazing. Very simple and elegant and for me it suited the spirit of the song much more than the one she wore in eurovision. Anyway, in this award I usually vote for ugly strange, not just for strange. Ugly in my opinion, of course. To someone else, what she wore may be awesome:P







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