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Bottom 5 - who deserved that placing the least?


Which one?

Sweden 7 vote(s) 35.0%
Malta 3 vote(s) 15.0%
Lithuania 3 vote(s) 15.0%
Spain 1 vote(s) 5.0%
Finland 6 vote(s) 30.0%
  1. Mina Member with a "past"

    This year's 'losers'...but who deserved to be in a higher position?
    Again do not vote for your own country, if you come from one of those 5 countries.
    In my opinion NONE of those 5 countries deserved to be in the bottom...however, I'll vote for Finland, not because it was my favourite (Sweden and Spain were also in my top 5 and I love Chiara) but because I found Waldo's People very good and the song isn't 'difficult' to get (someone could claim that for Sweden or for Malta)..so I'm still in shock about it:S
  2. Stine Mendez New Member

    Lithuania definetly deserved it the least. I love that song. I guess it just got lost among all the up-tempo songs this year. And being the first song performed sealed the deal.:(
    Sweden, Finland, Malta and Spain all deserved their places I think.
    (Sorry Mina...:P)
  3. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    I voted Sweden, mainly because they did finish 4th in the semi and they had the balls to send a completely different genre of song this year :)

    But as with Mina imo none of these songs deserved the bottom 5, but heres why I voted for Sweden over these songs ...
    Lithuania: It was nice enough, but as a performance Sweden was better
    Spain: Although I love the song, I did find Sorayas performance a little underwhelming and I think the camera work may have killed it
    Finland: Although I loved their semi performance, I found their final performance a bit messy
    Malta: Chiara was fantastic but with so many ballads i'm not surprised Malta finished bottom 5 anyway.
  4. c1ask0 Napkin of death holder

    Oops. I didn't read the question properly. I voted Finland but only cos I thought it said who deserves it the MOST. It didn't come across very well on screen and I was a little surprised that it qualified (sorry Mina).

    If I HAD read the question properly I would have selected SPAIN! :cool:
  5. I agree with Mina, none of these songs deserved to be at the bottom :@ and I think Finland deserved it the least.
  6. calrisle Scrutineer

    En vän berättar sanningen...

    I will surprise nobody with my outcry at Sweden's placing. Malena was terrific, a consummate professional - calm and cool, with such a striking look and killer performance. Backing vocals matched only by Iceland in terms of flawless delivery, great staging where the white was supposed to wash out, blind and entrance the viewer, and a song that whilst trashy pop in sentiment, was pure class in production, vocal and instrumentation (as expected from the Kempe).

    All of those things aside, the fact that it was trying to be so much meant that it ended up delivering little. The pop verses, the opera chorus, the classy staging combined with the modern broken doll dancing from the backups - all of the pieces were supposed to fit, but in spite of Malena's excellent vocal and effortless performance in terms of movement and command of the stage, the whole thing ended up feeling like a jigsaw that was still in the box.

    I also think that over and above everything else it genuinely, honestly was a victim of a final filled full of strong songs and striking performances - I think the same thing happened to Sweden last year, where the actual class and professionalism was overlooked in favour of the glitter, the legs, the boobs, the hooks, the pop, the gimmick and the dazzle. This time, the Swedish class and flawlessness was overlooked in favour of the genuine class and flawlessness of other performances (Norway, Iceland, France and UK are standout examples).

    I think this should serve as Sweden's wake-up call. Christer Björkman and the MF team can't carry on resting on the crutch they've been using for years, which is their reputation as the pop masterminds of Europe, because I think that reputation is starting to work against them. What used to be seen as a masterful grasp of a killer pop melody and a faultless performance is now viewed by Europe at large, I fear, as passionless, cold professionalism.

    Songs like "Show Me Your Love", "Shady Lady" and "Anti-Crisis Bint" are essentially just Ukrainian schlager - the Swedish are being beaten at their own game right in front of their noses and they're not realising that whilst everyone is stealing their tricks, they're just following their own textbook that produces a formula which can't even measure up to the B-grade pretenders. And they're doing it with women who, whilst Scandinavian legends, look to the rest of Europe like tragic aging tryers.

    I LOVE "La Voix", but I also loved about fifteen of the other *properly amazing* songs in this year's Melodifestivalen. I'm not a bitter loser, but I had my heart squashed by Caroline af Ugglas' masterpiece from the second I first heard it. That instant heartbreak, compassion, emotion and empathy conveyed through the cameras by a broken-looking human would have enraptured everyone.

    If Sweden had sent "Snälla, Snälla", we wouldn't be discussing a fallen giant like this, and Rybak would have had a closer run for his money than Yohanna gave him.

    Be brave, my Sverige - you'll be back on top if you just dare to break your own mould.
  7. Kevin New Member

    even though the song from lithuania was my favourite, i think chiara was the most underserved - for such an amazing singer with an amazing voice, she deserved top 10 :(
  8. Mark New Member

    Omg I voted Lithuania, but it was for the one we wanted to do better, I thought it was the worst

    The best was Malta, bland song but everything else perfect ... a bit like Iceland really :D
  9. I voted for Sweden, purely because I love Malena and tbh it was rather unfair she came 4th in the semi and then fell so far.
  10. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    oops! i voted for malta but i wanted to vote for my favourite sweden! is there a way i can take my vote back?? (malena was just awesome!)
  11. Mina Member with a "past"

    I edited the poll and changed the vote of the following:
    Chris from Finland to Spain
    Mark from Lithuania to Malta
    Kotsios from Malta to Sweden

    And people read the question properly before you vote:P
  12. Kevin New Member

    are we voting for our favourites of the bottom 5, or the one that shudnt be there the most? (i voted fror the latter)
  13. Mina Member with a "past"

    The one that shouldn't be there the most..so you voted correctly;)
  14. Aaron N Moof master

    I voted SWEDEN!! but tbh not of them should have been in the bottom 5 for me there were far worser songs that should have been in the bottom 5....
  15. Patte Member


    I dont think neither of them would be last :S but ofc i feel the most for malena :(
  16. Dave,

    That's exactly how it is ;)
  17. CTP Jass hater

    I voted for Finland, but Sweden was close. Maybe Sweden should stop sending angry looking blonde women... As for the other three, maybe they didn't deserve last, but none of them were great.

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