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Calendar ESC 2019

  1. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    This is what I managed to cobble together. Should anything be wrong or missing, please let me know and I will update - I will also do so, to the best of my abilities, as time goes by.

    National Selection / National Final / Internal Selection / Talent Show / ESC events

    17 January
    :es: SPAIN reveals songs

    19 January
    :hu: HUNGARY First Heat
    :lt: LITHUANIA Second Heat
    :fr: FRANCE Semifinal Two

    20 January
    :es: SPAIN National Final

    21 January
    :sm: SAN MARINO reveals artist
    :pt: PORTUGAL announces songs in press conference

    23 January
    :uk: UNITED KINGDOM songs revealed

    25 January
    :no: NORWAY reveals songs

    26 January
    :fr: FRANCE National Final
    :mt: MALTA X factor Grand Final - artist
    :hu: HUNGARY Second Heat
    :lt: LITHUANIA Third Heat
    :lv: LATVIA Semifinal One
    :is: ICELAND reveals songs

    27 January
    :ro: ROMANIA Semifinal One

    28 January
    :cz: CZECH REPUBLIC selects song in National Final
    ESC Semifinal allocation draw

    29 January
    :fi: FINLAND reveals artist
    :at: AUSTRIA reveals artist

    31 January
    :ee: ESTONIA Semifinal One
    :dk: DENMARK reveals songs

    2 February
    :hu: HUNGARY Third Heat
    :lt: LITHUANIA Fourth Heat
    :se: SWEDEN Semifinal One
    :ee: ESTONIA Semifinal Two
    :lv: LATVIA Semifinal Two
    :me: MONTENEGRO reveals songs

    5 February
    :it: ITALY – Sanremo First Night

    6 February
    :it: ITALY – Sanremo Second Night

    7 February
    :it: ITALY – Sanremo Third Night

    8 February
    :uk: UNITED KINGDOM National Final
    :pl: POLAND reveals artist
    :it: ITALY – Sanremo Fourth Night

    9 February
    :it: ITALY – Sanremo Fifth and Final Night
    :au: AUSTRALIA – National Final
    :me: MONTENEGRO National Final
    :hu: HUNGARY Semifinal One
    :is: ICELAND Semifinal One
    :lt: LITHUANIA Semifinal One
    :se: SWEDEN Semifinal Two
    :ua: UKRAINE Semifinal One

    10 February
    :ro: ROMANIA Semifinal Two

    12 February
    :il: ISRAEL Next Star for Eurovision Grand Final - artist

    16 February
    :hr: CROATIA National Final
    :ee: ESTONIA National Final
    :lv: LATVIA National Final
    :si: SLOVENIA National Final
    :hu: HUNGARY Semifinal Two
    :is: ICELAND – Semifinal Two
    :lt: LITHUANIA Semifinal Two
    :pt: PORTUGAL Semifinal One
    :se: SWEDEN Semifinal Three
    :ua: UKRAINE Semifinal Two

    17 February
    :ro: ROMANIA National Final

    22 February
    :de: GERMANY National Final
    :fi: FINLAND all three songs now available

    23 February
    :dk: DENMARK National Final
    :hu: HUNGARY National Final
    :ua: UKRAINE National Final
    :lt: LITHUANIA National Final
    :pt: PORTUGAL Semifinal Two
    :se: SWEDEN Semifinal Four

    27 February
    :rs: SERBIA Semifinal One

    28 February
    :rs: SERBIA Semifinal Two
    :be: BELGIUM reveals song

    :am: ARMENIA reveals song
    :mt: MALTA reveals song
    :pl: POLAND reveals song
    :ru: RUSSIA reveals song

    2 March
    :fi: FINLAND selects song (of 3)
    :is: ICELAND National Final
    :no: NORWAY National Final
    :md: MOLDOVA National Final
    :pt: PORTUGAL National Final
    :se: SWEDEN Andra Chansen

    3 March
    :rs: SERBIA National Final
    :ge: GEORGIA Idol National Final – artist and song

    5 March
    :cy: CYPRUS reveals song

    6 March
    :gr: GREECE reveals song

    7 March
    :by: BELARUS National Final
    :nl: HOLLAND reveals song
    :ch: SWITZERLAND reveals song
    :sm: SAN MARINO reveals song

    8 March
    :at: AUSTRIA reveals song
    :az: AZERBAIJAN reveals song
    :ie: IRELAND reveals song
    :mk: MACEDONIA reveals song

    9 March
    :se: SWEDEN National Final

    10 March
    :il: ISRAEL reveals song
    Deadline for entries

    6 April – Eurovision in Concert, Amsterdam
    14 April – Eurovision Party, London
    19-20 April – Eurovision PreParty & Party in Spain
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  2. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    I've updated this, so I'm giving it a bump.
  3. James ... and his things xD

    Too far out of sight. Calendars without Hanita are the best xD
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