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Change of Results Day?


Saturday or Sunday for Results?

Poll closed 6th November 2014.
Saturday 8 vote(s) 44.4%
Sunday 10 vote(s) 55.6%
  1. Mina Member with a "past"

    Since we've been having results on Sundays for ages (and that means it's very difficult for me to attend), I'm wondering if people would be up for a change...that is, change Sunday to Saturday...noone works/has school, etc, on Sunday morning...lol.
    So, I'm posting this poll to see if there's any interest in doing that...and if there is, we could also discuss a possible change in time (for example, 10 uk time instead of 9, in case people want to go out etc).
    Vote :yeah:
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  2. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    im right behind you Mina :P
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  3. ThatWelshOne Member

    Me too, sok :D
    Although I'd rather 9pm UK time, but it's alright
  4. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    JUST to be clear, I support the democratic right to debate this issue, and will agree to be bound by the result of the poll. Due to automation, it makes no difference to me whether we have results on Saturday or Sunday, as no extra work or stress is involved on my part.

    Obviously though, I would like whichever day is better for the majority of the people, so as many people as possible can turn up and watch the shows.
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    Yes, but what do you think about her suggestion :P
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  6. ThatWelshOne Member

    :o ewwwww

    It really doesn't make any difference to me (well not usually anyway).
  8. Curtis Belgium is a non country.

    what about making it earlier on a sunday?
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  9. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    I prefer the Sundays, or Saturdays with a time change to 10PM UK time, but as this might become a bit late for the people in Greece (If those people don't mind it, then it's all okay) or any other country in that time zone, so my vote goes to Sunday. I don't know how the people outside of Europe think of this.
  10. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    Its an evening event imo 10pm saturday gets my vote
  11. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    I'd need to change my last minute song finding method though :P
  12. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    It doesn't make much of a difference to me. Sunday is probably marginally easier, but overall I'm amenable to a change to Saturday if it means more people can be there.
  13. Mina Member with a "past"

    10pm UK time on Saturday would be fine with me. I do stay up late when I have no school the next day.

    8pm UK time on Sunday would also be ok as it would mean I'd be in bed by midnight my time :)
  14. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    I think we can rule 8pm out as being too early.
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  15. Julio STRANGLES

    9/9:30 would be the best for me as in 8 being way to early for me to be able to be there and 10 late
  16. ThatWelshOne Member

    9 on either night is best for me, but Saturday is easier
  17. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    It doesn't matter much to me, but I like the Sundays. That's why I voted for Sunday. I do however think there should be an option that it doesn't matter.
  18. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    If it doesn't matter at all, you can just vote nothing, because what would a majority of the "it doesn't matter people" do? If you do have a (slight) preference, you can vote for what you prefer ofc
  19. dan Bald Member

    Saturdays for me, just for convenience really. As Mina pointed out it would be a lot nicer to be able to watch the results shows without constantly looking at the clock and worrying about having to go due to an early start at work the next morning.

    I'm guessing this would affect the song deadline day as I take it, if this was implemented we would have the anonymous recap on a Friday?

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