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CN 2015: Norway

  1. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    Hey all!
    I'll be hosting Norway Night on the 28th of April, and I want YOU to have a say in what I'll play.
    The idea is simple, I've made 4 categories and you vote for the one you like BEST. (Just one per category) You vote by PM or in a conversation (link here), but not in public! I want 4 answers, and if your vote is incomplete or incorrect, it won't be counted.

    Golden bogs
    1.1963 - Anita Thallaug – Solvherv
    2.1978 - Jahn Teigen - Mil etter mil
    3.1981 - Finn Kalvik - Aldri i livet
    4.1997 - Tor Endresen - San Francisco

    Other bogs
    1.1969 - Kirsti Sparboe - Oj, oj, oj, så glad jeg skal bli
    2.1974 - Anne-Karine Strøm & Bendik Singers - The First Day of Love
    3.1976 - Anne-Karine Strøm - Mata Hari
    4.1990 - Ketil Stokkan - Brandenburger Tor
    5.2001 - Haldor Lægreid - On My Own
    6.2004 - Knut Anders Sørum - High
    7.2012 - Tooji - Stay

    1.1985 - Bobbysocks - La det swinge
    2.1995 - Secret Garden - Nocturne
    3.2009 - Alexander Rybak - Fairytale

    Free choice
    No restriction, just pick your all-time favourite from everything Norway has sent (except for the winners and bogs)
    You are NOT allowed to vote for a song in one of the above categories in the free choice category (bit ironic, hm)

    If you have struggles with voting for the big pile or Norway's songs, here's a recap that might help

    So vote for your FAVOURITE from EACH category, and you will have exactly one week to do so.
    Thanks for your attention (a little care)
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