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Day 4 of Rehearsals

  1. Julio STRANGLES









    Bosnia & Herzegovina:

  2. Julio STRANGLES

    Slovenia: disappointed me, her vocals were not strong enough and the dress is awful, I'm not sure now if this will qualify (Horehronie Slovenian version?).
    Croatia: Still don't like this song, but after watching Slovenia performance I think this will steal her votes and go through the final.
    Sweden: I like it, though her moves are a bit to exaggerated and I can't understand what she says besides the chorus.
    Georgia: Bad as expected though I have a bad feeling this might go through.
    Turkey: Good vocals, awful moves.
    Estonia: Good vocals simple performance, still not a fan though I think this might reach the final.
    Norway: Could he be more gay ^_^? Nevertheless IMO it was the best performance so far, good vocals good performance, I believe this will be a finalist, though i would put the backing singers with a lower sound, and i would also lose some of his moves.
    Slovakia: Vocally he sounds ok though a bit to screamy, a rock song on the middle of so many ballads on this semi can either fail big time or stand out from the rest, IMO I think it will fail.
    Bosnia & Herzegovina: there isn't many to say here, she has a good voice the performance was good but there is something missing, dunno if this will go through with so many ballads.
    Lithuania: Boring I think this will fight for the last place of the semi final

    Basically this day for me:

    Slovenia: Good song, good singer, but damn it, she's 16 and she looks older than Nina Badric...
    The backing vocals are good, thank god they lost the weird brides things. The background is nice and simple, so well done Slovenia and I think this will easily qualify.

    Croatia: They do what they already did in 2011 - completely mess up a stage performance. Big difference is that Nebo is actually a decent ballad. Nina's vocals are good, song is decent, performance is too distracting. As most fans expect, either Slovenia or Croatia will suffer from being drawn next to eachother and I think Croatia will be the one losing out.

    Sweden: Loreen really didn't give it all today and that was obvious. It's the same problem Sweden has every year: backing vocals. Backing tracks with vocals are allowed in Melodifestivalen, so once they get to the actual Eurovision, there always are issues with Swedish backings and they seriously need to work on it, also this year.
    Just like Júlio, I can hardly understand her, which is a big minus if she doesn't manage to get that under control.
    I know a lot of fans like it, but Loreen is being a bit too much Loreen on that stage, it seems she doesn't realise she has an audience and people watching at home as there simply is no interaction with the camera. Her dance still looks too special for me and most of all: the point of building a stage on the stage seems completely unnecessary and useless to me.

    Georgia: Oh boy here we go. No matter how diabolical I think this song is, the staging is brilliant and I'm starting to think this might actually make it through to the final. Anri actually shows he's capable vocally, the staging is great, ok the song is diabolical, but people watching Eurovision for a good laugh will like this.
    I somehow also think Sweden might suffer from having Georgia right after it.

    Turkey: Hm this is not what I hoped for. The dancers are pretty random and useless, I would've preferred it if he brought some musicians with him, like in the video (such as the woman with the cymbal). Vocally he's fine, but I wish he would stop trying to look like a drunken sailor, it just makes him look weird.

    Estonia: Not a lot to say about Estonia. It's a decent, simple staging, he's still very good vocally. The song is a typical ballad (slow start, big finish). If it qualifies, it could do very well in the final, but I'm not sure it will reach the final.

    Slovakia: Well that's a shame, Slovakia. You bring a decent rock song to Eurovision and the staging is... standing still on stage. That is a huge disappointment. Max, you're not giving a 3 hour concert, you're doing a 3 minute performance to convince Europe. If Max moves around more, he might actually manage to make something of this.
    The song is good, it has a huge advantage being the only rock song in this semifinal.

    Norway: I've seen mixed reactions to this from everyone. I've heard people saying it was a good, solid performance, I also heard people saying Norway is now 'on the fence' and might miss out on a spot in the final. I'm not too sure what I think of the performance. It's a MGP copy, and it worked out fine there, but it doesn't seem to work on the big stage in Baku. His vocals are (to use Janet's/The Voice UK's words) pitchy and especially the high 'Stay's seem to give him some issues.
    Overall, this song doesn't work, his vocals need to be fixed and it seems Norway copied the Swedish problem: the backing vocals are awful.

    Bosnia-Herzegovina: Nice, simple staging from Maya. Nothing special. Her vocals: good, but nothing special. Bosnia-Herzegovina needs to be extremely satisfied with performing 17th, if they would've performed before Slovenia/Croatia/Estonia they would've been in serious trouble. Now it seems more likely that either Slovenia, Croatia or Estonia will fail.

    Lithuania: Once someone said: ''performing last is not always an advantage, it could make you look like a bad interval act.'' I think that's the case with Lithuania. I believe it was Janet who said that it tries to be everything for everyone with the result of ending up as nothing.
    Vocally Donny is fine and his performance is nice and simple. Personally, I would've handled it slightly different. Just a minor detail, but when the song turns into a disco/pop song, it needs dancers. Same problem as Bulgaria: with a song to dance to, you shouldn't stand on stage alone.
    I don't think Donny has a chance of qualifying, but who knows, anything can happen.
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    Ok, quick and most important ones:

    What the hell xDDDDDDDD really, if it was the first time i saw loreen i would just think 'oh gosh a mad girl has stepped on stage. where is the singer?'. the chubby dancer at the end doesnt improve the performance at all. there's another inconvinient:
    sweden, queen of esc, havent you leant the ONLY thing malta has taught us? i'll tell you: the most eastern you can go with a performance at ESC is Caucasus. (See :mt:'07)

    Georgia will pass to the final, want it or not. (mostly not).

    Can Bonomo overacts a bit.

    It was, yes :D
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