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Day 6 of Rehearsals

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    My personal opinion on today's rehearsals:

    Russia: The stage director sure knows what to do with the staging of the grannies. The cute, little one gets a big part in the 'choreography', which really makes this song even more adorable than it used to be.
    The song itself... still a meh, but that's not an issue, the Grannies are awesome.

    Hungary: Finally! The lead singer sounds brilliant!!! The background is really well chosen and helps to carry out the message Compact Disco wants to send to Europe. Choreography is really simple, but this is a radio hit, so that's not a problem at all. I see Hungary qualifying for the final without a lot of trouble.

    Austria: Lukas and Manuel seem to know perfectly how to work an audience, as they manage to interact with both the audience as the camera. The pole dancing girls need to get their act to work smoothly, as it doesn't look too good now.
    If there was an award for worst dressed dancers in Eurovision 2012, the award would go to Austria.

    Finland: First of all, Pernilla's dress seems to be amazing. We can't see the top part yet, but the bottom part is amazing. The background is brilliant, the cello player is a good addition. Pernilla's vocals could be softer, a bit sweeter, which is what this song need, but she is in tune and that is the most important thing.

    Moldova: After seeing this, I dare to say Moldova is an almost sure qualifier. The choreography is hilarious and utterly weird, but that suits the song. Pasha's vocals are in tune and it just looks like they're having a lot of fun on stage.

    Ireland: Haha how typical is this choreography? The twins really do have fun on stage and that shows. The song still is good and their rather weak vocal abilities don't bother me that much with this song.
    The fountain is a brilliant idea and I'm happy they don't pull a Saade-in-Manboy by getting completely wet.

    Serbia: I really don't have much to say about this stage performance except for: look at Lane Moje and Lejla and you know what you're gonna get. Zeljko's vocals are good, but I get the idea he's just singing the notes and words, instead of really carrying out the feeling the song has in the lyrics.

    FYR Macedonia: Most impressive rehearsal of this year. Amazing job, Kaliopi. She's spot on throughout the song, the staging is very simple, but this piece of art does not need a big performance. Good idea to keep the stage in black and white, as that's what the song is about.
    The famous high note/scream: no matter what you think of it, she has a lot of courage going for such a difficult note in a live performance.

    Holland: Can I really be objective about it? Not really, but I will try.
    The four guys are a bit pointless. They really don't know how to play the instruments, so they just random pretend to be playing.
    I do like Joan's outfit. It took me some time to be ok and to get used to Joan's headdress, but it really makes her unique.
    Joan's vocals are spot on, but I can see why some people don't like it.

    Malta: This is a decent Maltese entry and the stage performance is decent, nothing special. The DJ is rather... odd and the high note is completely out of place and unnecessary.

    Belarus: Could their make-up have been more feminine? Anyway, I'm still disgusted they picked this version for Baku. Their outfits are rather weird, the microphone stands are remarkable, but not my cup of tea.
    meh, that's pretty much all I have to say about it.

    Portugal: Another one I can't really be objective about, but ok. Seeing promotional pictures, I believe the hair and make up will stay the way they are now: excellent!
    The performance is well staged, as I believe that Filipa standing still is a good idea, with the backing vocals moving around.

    Ukraine: Typical case of a song where the live version is miles better than the studio version. Gaitana does a really good job here. The screens on stage are good, colourful. A bright, open song needs a bright open staging and the Ukrainians realise that.

    Bulgaria: Hlo saggy tits. Seriously Sofi, you're not 18 anymore, so wear a bra. Her voice annoys me, the song is absolutely shit and the only reason she's alone on stage is because no one wants to be on there with her, cause it actually needs dancers.
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  3. matthewbell32 Du kommer alltid vara nummer 1 för mig

    If I could like this a million times I would.
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