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E3 - a big THANK YOU!

  1. Mina Member with a "past"


    Last night was amazing! Thank you, jj and Liam for a great show <3 It was better than the real eurovision :o Thank you everyone who voted for me; I'm thrilled to have won a eurovision edition because, after all, we are here because we love eurovision! Also, congratulations to the 2nd place, Juli with I can ( :uk: 2011) and the 3rd place, Lilly with No one ( :si: 2011) and to everyone who took part in this show. And, hopefully, E4 will be even better :kiss:

    And here is the winning song by the lovely Helena <3

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  2. breizhcatalonia1993 New Member

    sadly i didn't see the results live :'( any recording? and good winner, anyway, it was such and amazing night? ;)
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  3. Lilly.. Y U NO ALIEN?

    Yay Mina , congrats , Die for you is an amazing song indeed , and it deserved the victory. And btw you just spoiled my result :P

    EDIT: I didn't see the show , but people are saying it was amazing, and I truly believe that it was amazing , so thanks a lot for letting me participate in the first place , I love you people :*
  4. James ... and his things xD

    I want to thank everyone who voted Jade too, but even more important: I want to thank you all for making it such a great night. Some parts of it made me even a bit emotional. The great intro, The 'I love Europe song', etc.
    I can't express with words how amazing this night was (as johnny Logan sang: What do i say when words are not enough). It was a great apotheosis of one month full of Eurovision.
    So once again: Thank you all!
  5. Ljupco Active Member

    What a wonderful way to crown the on-year jubilee for me here. I had a wonderful year with you guys, so many unique and beautiful people, so many great songs, but last night topped the whole thing. First of all, millions of thanks to JW for being the most excellent producer I know, to Liam for being a wonderful host, and to all of you beautiful people who got themselves a new chapter in my life. I hope there will be many more excellent editions, many more good songs, and maybe a new friend now and then :D And of course, I am looking forward to a smashing E4, hosted by our beloved Greek chick Mina, after her fantastic victory last night, congratulations dear :) Congratulations to all of you guys, and thank you for your votes for "My Galileo". I never thought it would do that good :D SO once again, thank you for being great friends, for sharing great songs... THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU :)
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    I'll join in in the thank you party here.

    Of course, first of all a big thank you to JW and Liam. Also big thanks to Liam's dorm mates and Liam's mother.
    Then thank you to all of you for sending amazing songs. Tbh, when listening to them there were no songs I really wanted to skip or songs I really hated.
    I really liked to see some surprises pop up there. Even though it didn't get my 12, I was extremely excited that someone had the courage to send Csézy's amazing ballad.
    About the winner: a big congrats to Mina and also a big thanks to Mina for sending it and giving the Greek language its first victory in the contest, even though the song is only half Greek.
    Last but definitely not least: thank you so much for voting for Fiumi di Parole. That song is a true classic for me with one of the best voices in Eurovision ever and also with one of the best lyrics ever. It meant a lot to me that it was appreciated by you all.

    May we all have a great time this week watching Eurovision live from Baku and a great year before the next Eurovision and E4! Thank you all!
  7. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    Thnks everyone for the great show, it's an amazing feeling knowing I am part of such a fabulous contest. I must thank everyone expecially Liam and Jw.

    P.S. Csézy has been sent into Willow and Nathalie's Jail :P
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  8. Jonas Persson EURO NEURO

    Gongratulation Mina <3
    I wuld like to thenk jw with all of my heart for inviting me to this fab evening. Liam 4 smashing hosting.
    And to all the contesers and viewers :)...
    THANK YOU....
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  9. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    Id Like to say thank you to Jw and Liam for a fantastic show and great night, Congratulations Mina on a great victory :) We are all winners being part of this great show to. Thank you for my 12 pts i may have come last but was so honoured and happy to be part of the amazing show. roll on E4 next year xxx
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  10. matthewbell32 Du kommer alltid vara nummer 1 för mig

    Denmark will win :bulah:
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  11. matthewbell32 Du kommer alltid vara nummer 1 för mig

    Thank you for all the hard work that you put in to making it a tremendous evening, Jw and Liam. It really paid off, it was my favourite edition ever and I'm thrilled that I was able to participate in such a perfect contest.
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  12. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    Well done Mina! I really like Antique - you can't imagine how huge Opa Opa and Dinata Dinata were in Romania at the end of the 90s, when I was still in high school. Sorry I couldn't be here to vote for this song at least as guest, plus I would have loved to be here for the show. But won't miss E4 for the world now! Congrats also to all others and to jw, looking forward to seeing the vids!
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  13. Thank you thank you thank you THRICE jw and Liam for an amazing live show and for all the hard work put into it. I enjoyed it so much :clap:

    Congrats to Mina on winning and thanks to everyone who voted for Life looks better in spring !
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  14. Liam Esterran.

    Thanks guys for watching! Obviously I have no idea who voted for me since it all crashed and then it was 3am and I had to go to bed, but thanks to anyone who voted for me! :D

    Here's the 'I Love Europe' video also:

    EDIT: OH! Congrats to Mina for winning and stuff!
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    And I thought you'd buggered off to the party or something :P
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  16. Liam Esterran.

    Nah, I had to get up at about 9 to go to "work" and I didn't want to be too tired that I couldn't see Ott who was the first on.
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    Liam :heart: :heart: :heart: Ott
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  18. Liam Esterran.

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  19. Dardania Dardania

    I will not even slime but that was very exciting I also had watched that too . and that was fantastic the design was cool all . I´m a little sad that I didn´t Participants .
    But I hope that I´m for the next edition a part <3

    Ps: What´s the name of the Videoprogram:roll:
  20. Liam Esterran.

    You need to actually come to chat and talk to us before we will invite you to participate. So far you've done nothing but talk about joining the contest, So I think you will never be in the contest. Either contribute to the chat or leave.
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