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Edition 27: Wiccania to be represented by a Salt Woman!!!

  1. Ljupco Active Member

    Greetings everybody, this is Ljupco speaking. As we all know, Wiccania had let you guys to decide its next entry, and the majority decided to see Salt Woman (Девојка Од Сол) on the stage in Inspireland. Now about the song. It is a wonderful ballad telling a story of a woman who sent her man over the sea, but he never came back. Anyways, she still waits for him hoping to see his face and kiss his lips someday. The song is in Slovenian and sang by a former Slovenian participant in Eurovision. We hope this song will touch your hearts and ears. May the Goddes bless the Woman of Salt :):):)

    Maybe I should try that (sending 'my' man over the sea and hoping he never comes back - haha).

    Good luck!
  3. There is a song just like that one in Icelandic, called 'Oh Maria' :) look forward to see !
  4. Mina Member with a "past"

    Considering I voted for this title, I strongly hope I'll like the song :D

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