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Edition 28 - Prediction poll

  1. Lilly.. Y U NO ALIEN?

    Indeed , Fabian Buch rocks my world XD
  2. matthewbell32 Du kommer alltid vara nummer 1 för mig

    San Minino: Jamoukovia
    Esterra: Almatia
    Black Daisystan: State of the Ark
    Miasnakan: Inspireland
    Planet Janet: Il Regno d'italofilia
    Syphoria: Inspireland
    Egelivia: San Minino
    Masiosare: Almatia
    Dhakan: LuLuland
    Støkkanslåndet: Wodongaria
    Furnyland: Custonia
    Inspireland: Syphoria
    Nawrocka: ...
    Il Regno d'Italofilia: LuLuland
    Moldijan: Wiccania
    LuLuLand: Sheepmark
    Villa Badia: San Minino
    Sheepmark: Wiccania
    Almatia: Egelivia
    Moofistan: Il Regno d'Italofilia
    Custonia: Syphoria
    Empelia: San Minino
    Hexelbourg: Almatia
    State of the Ark: Syphoria
    Balunistan: Dhakan
    Wiccania: Inspireland
    Jamoukovia: Almatia
    MinnEiginnRass: Dhakan
    Wodongaria: Jamoukovia
    Xhanostania: Technika
    Technika: Almatia

    Who is the winner? Sheepmark.
  3. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    Thank you so Much Pepe. Good like to you too! :D
  4. Lilly.. Y U NO ALIEN?

    Edited now.
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  5. swissBoy Active Member

    San Minino: Inspireland
    Esterra: Villa Badia
    Black Daisystan: State of the Ark
    Miasnakan: State of the Ark
    Planet Janet: Il regno d'italofilia
    Egelivia: Sheepmark
    Masiosare: Villa Badia
    Dhakan: Stokkansladet
    Støkkanslåndet: Dhakan
    Furnyland: Custonia
    Inspireland: State of the Ark
    Nawrocka: Lululand
    Il Regno d'Italofilia: Inspireland
    Moldijan: Inspireland
    LuLuLand: Moldijan
    Villa Badia: Custonia
    Sheepmark: Inspireland
    Almatia: Inspireland
    Moofistan: Hexelbourg
    Custonia: Almatia
    Empelia: Jamoukovia
    Hexelbourg: Wiccania
    State of the Ark: Il regno d'italofilia
    Balunistan: Miasnakan
    Wiccania: State of the Ark
    Jamoukovia: Empelia
    MinnEiginnRass: Egelivia
    Wodongaria: Jamoukovia
    Xhanostania: Sheepmark
    Technika: Egelivia

    Who is the winner? I would say State of the Ark
  6. Julio STRANGLES

    How soon is your soon :P
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  7. Eurovizz Member

    haha ah i give upp, i am jonny 2 nowadays
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  8. James ... and his things xD

    Time for results!

    There is a 6 way tie for first place:

    1. Nessie / Julio / Nick / Luis / Lilly / Mats 6 points
    7. James 5 points
    8. Morkmindy / Peps / Marci 4 points
    11. Daisy 3 points
    12. Gianluka 2 points
    13. Vizzie 1 point

    Some facts:

    - Black Daisystan (8) and Furnyland (7) seem to be the most predictable voters in this edition, followed by Villa Badia (5) and Massiosare (5)
    - The 12 point vote of 13 countries was not guessed by anyone.
    - One particular participant predicted Black Daisystan to get full marks, while that country wasn't even in final.
    - The winner was guessed by 1 participant.

    Thanks to all who particpated! See you all again in the next edition!

    Jamoukovian Betting odds
  9. Liam Esterran.

    In general, people are terrible at picking mine.

    I only vote for sheep when he sends pop, and I don't always vote for something because it's Asian :P
  10. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    ... am I really that predictable? :P
  11. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    Noone guessed my 12. I am unpredictable. YAYA
  12. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    ... at least I predicted Villa Badia's second place! :geek:
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