•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Turin!

Edition 55

  1. Güneç Gülün Active Member

    Hey guys;

    First of all I am really sad for not being with you last night because I was not feeling well after a hard day. I wanna congratulate dear Julio for his new victory with that beautiful song. :)
    As far as I can see I have made one of my best placings (maybe the best) ever in the traditional escchat contest. So I wanna thank everybody who voted for Nigaristan <3 :kiss: :heart:
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  2. Marc Member

    ... Acıyor-Acıyor-Acıyor, i-can't-get-that-tune-denedim-out-of-my-head, batıyor ...
    Thank you for your points Güneç.
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  3. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    well done Gunec you finally got the placing you deserved :) and thank you for the 12p :kiss:
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  4. Güneç Gülün Active Member


  5. Güneç Gülün Active Member


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  6. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    yes, that was a great song, you really deserved it dearest! :kiss:
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  7. Güneç Gülün Active Member


    Well done Güneç!
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  9. Güneç Gülün Active Member

    ty Jacobus Adrianus Petrus "Hanita" van Lith :heart:
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  10. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    You definitely deserved the top 10 Gunec, great song :D
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  11. ThatWelshOne Member

    Exc, exc song Gunec! Hopefully we see more exc songs like this in the future! :D
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  12. Güneç Gülün Active Member

    what a funny name :D
  13. Teodor Moderator

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