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ESC 2016 Results...What are you happy/unhappy about?

  1. Mina Member with a "past"

    I'll go first.

    I'm happy for:

    1. Russia not winning. It is an average song that looked impressive because of special effects and I'm glad that next year it won't be all about technology..which I'm afraid would happen if Russia had won.

    2. Australia winning the jury vote by a huge margin. Dami impressed me even though I'm not a huge fan of the song..and that's not easy to do when I don't love a song...she really has a perfect voice.

    3. Sweden, my favourite, coming 5th..when it was hated by half of the fans and considered hopeless by the other half..lol....also, let me add here, that, today, Sweden has the most top 10 placings in esc song charts..yay!

    4. Ukraine winning. Yes, it's not everyone's cup of tea but, like it or not, it's not your typical 'I love you, you are my number one, i'll love you for ever' eurovision song. Also, it's not a generic pop song...and, finally, I consider Jamala extremely talented. I hope this victory will inspire countries to send more diverse songs in the future.

    5. Ok, this one, may be a bit petty..lol..but I'm glad that Italy did better in televoting last year than Russia this year..without its diaspora/friends and with 2 less countries voting.

    I'm unhappy for:

    1. Last year I was outraged that juries screwed the televoting favourite...this year, I, more or less, feel the same way....even if I didn't want Russia to win! I just don't like it when the opinions of 5 people come to count more than the opinions of million of people. Yes, yes, I know..diaspora, friends...blah blah..but I don't like it and I never will. Had Russia won Eurovision, I'd be mad (lol) but I'd accept that it was what the public wanted. But..a song that won neither televoting nor jury winning...nope, I don't like it.

    2. Poland 3rd in televote. It's my personal taste, of course, but I'll never stop wondering what on earth so many people saw in that song!

    3. Justin in Eurovision. I feel like the contest is turning universal and I don't like it..and I didn't like him, either.

    4. The new voting system. Yes, it WAS exciting but, truth be told, after 4 hours, I was so sleepy I had to check the scores again this morning..lol

    All in all, Sweden, I think, did a good job and I loved the stage and liked most of the songs..so, I'm more satisfied than not :D

    I'm happy for:

    1. Bulgaria coming fourth. Yes, I know, it wasn't a major favourite here, but Poli did well with both juries and televoting and finally made Water disappear from the record books as best Bulgarian Eurovision result ever. The joy of the song and the joy Poli had were excellent.

    2. The new voting system. What they need to do is cut that voting window down. We don't need 40/50 minutes of voting and intervals when half of the votes is already ready to be presented. Make it half an hour, more than enough. But all in all, I didn't know who would win until Måns said how many points Russia had received from televoting. It was exciting and kept the excitement going until the last seconds.

    3. Sergey. No, Sergey wasn't my favourite. No, his song wasn't my favourite. But he showed the best attitude of all participants last night. He showed himself as a fair competitor. Disappointed at first when he saw it wasn't enough, but immediately joining in with the applause for Jamala, including a smile. That's how you handle not winning despite being the big favourite, applause goes his way too.

    4. France. No, it wasn't the winner I was hoping for. But when the first rehearsal happened, some of the press in Stockholm made it seem like it was a disaster. It ended up coming sixth. France's best result since Sandrine François. I'm happy with that.

    5. Austria. Served off as the fanwank of the year, but still managing to come left side of the scoreboard with an eighth place from televoters for a French language song from Austria. That's a really decent result.

    6. Germany being served for not following through. For the past four years, ever since saying goodbye to the talent show format that brought Lena and Roman Lob, NDR have had an idea of what they wanted in Eurovision. They wanted Blitzkids mvt., they wanted Unheilig, they wanted Andreas Kümmert and they wanted Xavier Naidoo. Being way too democratic (yes, it exists) they all ended up with things they didn't see coming. And so they were served. This will show NDR that they need to form an opinion and stick to it. Not this constant nonsense.

    7. Most of the intervals. I liked what Lynda Woodruff did, I also liked the Love Love Peace Peace number. I'm not a big Timberlake fan, but it's better than Jan Delay (2011).

    I'm not happy with:

    1. The reaction in Holland. I personally think 11th is way too high for a song like Slow Down, I don't think it deserved to be there. But all I can do is say that Douwe scored a decent result, regardless of my personal opinion. The reaction here has however been ludicrous, with the country claiming it was a disappointing result. This country fails to understand that coming outside top 10 can still be a pretty decent result in these current days.

    2. Czech Republic scoring zero in televoting. It was a great achievement for the Czech Republic to even qualify, they really deserved it too. When they scored 41 points in jury voting, I was a tad disappointed, but hey: 41 is still 41. When Måns then, almost like it didn't matter, said 'zero points go to the Czech Republic', I was rather surprised. Gabriela deserved much more than that.

    3. The SVT camera work. The camera work was appalling for each and every performance, but Russia stood out. Russia had a clear vision and I feel SVT didn't match that vision with the suiting camera work. The only entry where the camera work did a good job: Armenia. Cyprus, Australia, Russia and some others clearly had problems with the cameras, despite the acts in itself seeming to work pretty well. It almost looked like SVT gave their interns, who had their first day working at SVT, the job of doing the camera work. Dreadful.

    4. Azerbaijan. They shouldn't have qualified, they shouldn't have been near the final and they most certainly should not have received a 12th place from televoting or 19th place from jury voting. Overrated. The fact that Lisa Ajax, who had the same choreography team in Melodifestivalen, put Azerbaijan #1 in the final, makes me wonder what the girl was thinking.

    5. Petra rushing the juries. Yes, we were overrunning. And yes, we only wanted 12 points from each spokesperson, but her humour there was on the edge of being rude. She did a good job in most of what she did, but she didn't have to rush it like this. We'll have to see how the Ukrainian hosts will handle that next year.

    All in all:

    I really enjoyed this Eurovision. I'm happy with most things that happened and I didn't mind the winner at all. I'm looking forward to next year - that's all I can say.
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  3. I am happy for:
    1. Bulgaria, Croatia, and the Czech Republic for all really making an effort, studying what works, and having the faith in their artists and being rewarded with place in the final. Poli especially for achieving Bulgaria's best result.
    2. Belgium/Holland: four years of either being in the top 10 was unbelievable but a few years ago.
    3. France: I wasn't ever convinced it was a winner (unless the contest was radio-only) but again, another fantastic result and I hope they can sustain this in the future.
    4. Austria: for being the only non-English song in the final, performing really well with the televotes. Also Zoë is a complete sweetheart.
    5. Lithuania: more for Donny personally rather than the country. He has grown so much as a performer since 2012 and he was rewarded for his hard work.
    6. Australia: I, for one, am really happy that they are now a part of the Eurovision family. Like Guy Sebastian last year, Dami was in a completely different league to the rest of the performances and possessed real star power.
    7. The hosting was fantastic, I love how they actually made the show about the history and legacy of the contest, rather than turning it into an extended tourist promotional video *cough* Baku *cough* and of course Petra and Måns were fantastic. But then you knew I'd say that anyway. :P
    8. The result: "1944" was not my ideal winner, but it was very personal and moving. In 2007, Terry remarked "do you ever get the feeling you're watching the same thing every year" and to some extent he was right. I am happy after 10 years of watching this show that it still has the ability to surprise me in the best way.
    I am not happy with:
    1. Italy's result b/c I don't see how "Madness of Love" and "Out of Love" are worthy of more jury support but whatever. All I hope is that RAI continue to give zero fucks yet still send quality entries.
    2. I am not 100% sold on the new voting system. Rather than negating the worst elements of bloc/diaspora voting, it feels merely like 'televoting plus'. Poland was able to end up in the top 10 after receiving 7 points from the jury, purely on televoting and that doesn't sit right with me.
    3. I'm not sure why I still care but I felt like the UK deserved more. Where we go from here is anyone's guess but ultimately I question whether the BBC actually want to do well or merely to maintain a healthy Saturday night ratings figure.
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  4. Not that I disagree re: :az: but I think they would have to send a complete howler like "I'm a Joker" to be out of a final place. Also, "Miracle" was written by Amir Aly/Henrik Wikström/Jakke Eriksson and sounds like it literally came from Helena Paparizou's last album so I can see why Lisa and the Swedish jurors went for it. Oooh and the backing singers were Shirley's Angels (again).

    Petra's shade, on the other hand, was world class. She had no time for anyone but Verka and I loved it. You can just tell next year the Ukrainian hosts are going to be robotically polite and the voting will end up over-running.
  5. Oh, also to add: I ended up really liking "If I Were Sorry". After there was no danger it was going to win and lead us to the Sheeran-ification of the contest, it ended up being a nice moment for the crowd and didn't underperform like Swedish home entries tend to do.

    Frans is still a humourless little prick though.
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  6. Julio STRANGLES

    What I'm happy for: it's over
    What I'm not happy for: you're still going on about it
  7. sokrates1988 And i will speak to you all very soon

    not much at all terrible winner predictable televotes specially poland,,san marino and Fyrom not qualifying . The main positive though was seeing how fair and spread most of the jury votes were and a decent placing for Austria.
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  8. Code9189 And There's a Noisy Storm Outside me...

    A song within my top 5 wins the contest, something that didn't happen since 2013
    France reaches it's highest position since Patricia Kaas, it took them 7 years to get into the top 10 again
    Bulgaria reaches it's highest position in history, those 180 points from televoting were totally unexpected from me, Well deserved :)
    It seems that with just 2 years of participation, Australia has bring to the contest most musical quality compared to Uk or Spain's last entries , they just had 2 participations and both were top 5 results, it's just way too good.
    The New voting system makes everything more exciting, now we don't have to wait 20 minutes for the results, Juries already had voted :)

    Russia, Sweden and Australia repeated top 5 regarding last year.
    Belgium also had presence in the top 10 again ;)
    Another non full english song wins, that means a lot about the contest's status and she did it with a debuting language, even better.
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