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Esc-chat contest 2nd edition!

  1. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    OK because mark is a lazy bugger, i'm hosting the 2nd contest! He asked me to and I did put out a thing asking if anybody else wanted to host but nobody replied sooo, yeh!


    · Songs cannot be Eurovision songs, and they cannot be songs that have taken part in national finals or were planned to take part in national finals. This includes any variants, covers, different versions etc of ESC/NF songs, and JESC songs. They’re not allowed!

    · However songs can be by artists that have taken part in Eurovision/Eurovision national finals.

    · You can send a song from anywhere in the world, from Bolivia to Belgium.

    · If two people end up trying to choose the same song, the person who submitted it first wins the rights to that song! So submit early!

    · People do not represent countries; they simply represent the song they chose.

    · Anybody can enter … apart from milos!

    · To take part you need to:

    1: Email a song (that complies with the rules) to me @ [email protected], with youtube video link, name of song and name of performers of song. Also don't forget to tell me, the name of your country.

    2: Keep 100% quiet about your song until the date when they are revealed, aka: Don’t tell anybody what you’ve chosen!!

    3: Email me your votes, when all the songs have been revealed! But just like the songs, don’t tell anybody your votes!! Then I’ll post a document with the complete scoreboard and we can all bitch about who did/didn’t award points to each other!

    4: And finally, the winner of this one organises the next one! (Maybe that’s an incentive to send crap songs!?)

    NB! Only people who have submitted songs can vote!


    And the submission period closes on (UPDATE)TUESDAY THE 19TH OF MAY!

    I already have entries from:
    The state of the ark
    Black Daisystan
    Hatican City
    San Minino
    Nova Nova Scotia
    Davis Island
  2. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    BTW Due to the fact we've already got 15 entries, and that all the people that entered last time have entered again + more people, and the fact that I really can't see anybody else entering as if they wanted to they would have by now .... THE SUBMISSION PERIOD CLOSES (tonight at MIDNIGHT!) And all the entries will now be posted on WEDNESDAY!

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