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escChat Contest Awards

  1. Julio STRANGLES

    Yes escChat awards are going to happen, i had this idea quite some time ago and it ended up to be forgotten, now it's finally the time to do it.

    Inspireland in association with Empelia are proud to announce the opening of escChat awards.

    There will be 40 categories on where 5 songs will compete in each, the nominees were selected by me and Nick, and in the end you will choose the one that will win in each category.

    The results of all the categories will be announced all together in an evening where we will have our own award show :D

    They will take place somewhere between the edition 50 and X3.

    We tried to include a bit of every country, with more focus on those that still take part than those that left already.

    The categories will be as follow (the order they might open will might be not this one):

    Best Asian
    Best Ballad
    Best Bilingual Song
    Best Comeback Artist Song
    Best Cover or Remake
    Best Dance
    Best Debut
    Best Duet
    Best Edition
    Best English
    Best Eurovision Edition Entry
    Best Female Singer
    Best Finno-Ugric
    Best Country/Folk/Ethnic
    Best French
    Best German
    Best Group
    Best Host Entry
    Best Italian
    Best Male Singer
    Best Non-Qualifier
    Best Oldie
    Best Other Language
    Best Portuguese/Spanish
    Best Pop
    Best Rock
    Best Runner-Up
    Best Scandinavian
    Best Semifinal Winner
    Best Slavic
    Best Song
    Best Song by a Eurovision Artist
    Best Third Place
    Best Toilet
    Best Videoclip
    Best Winner
    Best Xmas Entry
    Most Exciting Result
    Most Famous Song
    Most Memorable Entry

    See you soon with more updates from the escChat Awards!
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  2. James ... and his things xD

    Oh I love this idea:P
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  3. Curtis Belgium is a non country.

    why not also turn this idea on its head a bit and do worst song etc..
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  4. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    I could name at least three people who'd be at an unfair advantage :baby:
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  5. Julio STRANGLES

    because its supposed to be a good thing, and making it as worse song etc the people that would have songs there could feel bad, so we aren't going to make it a bad thing and keep it on a good side and without any negative category
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  6. Wiggles Administrator

    Great idea, but I think Iceland should be included in the Scandinavia group. Technically it's not Scandinavia but it's still in the same culture sphere. There can't be a Nordic group of course, seeing that the Finns are in the Finno-Ugric one. Not that I expect any Icelandic songs to be nominated, but the polar bears think it's a matter of principle. Unless Iceland forms some Atlantic insular group with Greenland, Faroes, the Azores, St Helena and the Falklands.

    Edit: I see now that the country names have been erased from the group. Maybe that means we're already included. Disregard.
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  7. Curtis Belgium is a non country.

    or people could get a sense of humour looking back at the past in a humourous way will harm nobody and nobody will be made fun of.
  8. Julio STRANGLES

    looking back in the past indeed, but worse would be the present when someone sees a song sent by him/her on the 'worst song ever' :P
  9. Curtis Belgium is a non country.

    we don't have to put it that blatent I think we all know este's won that anyway :P
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  10. Julio STRANGLES

    true fact
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  11. Mina Member with a "past"

    Not for me. For me, the absolutely worst song (and I use the term 'song' loosely^_^) ever sent to our contest wasn't by Este :P
  12. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    Júlio: amazing idea! ^_^
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  13. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    When will we begin! :)
  14. Julio STRANGLES

    Some stuff that came along made it go delayed (on the best scenario), so I can't give a sure date for the eventual start nevertheless I will try to keep you update on whatever will happen, sorry for the late reply
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  15. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    no worries...as usual if you need anything then you can ask me!
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  16. Julio STRANGLES

    Thank you :D

    What happened here then?
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  18. Julio STRANGLES

    It was decided that it should be better not to do it between me JW and nick

    Oh. I don't even remember anything about it.

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