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  1. Julio STRANGLES

    hlo i know este made one map some time ago of the contest participating countries but it is a bit out of date countries went out since then and more had had their return while others debuted so i want to make a new map using a program called campaign cartographer

    if you want you can search on internet for it to see how it looks like down ill show you an image of one map already made. so ill make the map trying to respect at max the last map made by este though ill need more details like cities capital mountains ice forests rivers and all of it of the new participants hope you like it if you dont and if you are against the idea of making a new one just say i wont take it bad ;)

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  2. Liam Esterran.

    Go for it, the current map is a bit MS Paint.

    Brief summary stolen from the Wodongarian page.

    Wodongaria is on the north eastern edge of the continent and borders mostly Lusitania to the south, but also borders a little bit of Furnyland to the south-west.

    The majority of the south and the west are covered in rainforests, which are lush and green, with the exception of the uncomfortably beige plants around the Furnyland border. About a third of the country is plains that lead right up to beaches that span across the edge of the country.

    Wodongaria has four main cities, slightly north of the centre is the capital city, Alburius, and the three other cities are Thurgus on the east coast, Lavingtonia on the north-west coast and Bandia City on the central north coast. The rest of the island is littered with coastal resorts and fishing villages, with a couple of rural towns inland.

    Good enough? :)

    Villa Badia

    Villa Badia is currently an island-State, with 654,28 kmĀ². Villa Badia is not far away from the nearest continent (84km). The temperatures are templated, of the south-european kind.

    Regards was a bigger country, but the country lost many territory during the XVIII century. The current map is:

    -Villa Grimaldi la Magna is the historical capital and the biggest city. The King of Villa Badia lives there too.
    -Port Xuxe is the main port of Villa Badia, and the town there has been very influenciated by the Juche thinking because of the boats coming from Furnyland.
    -La Manga de Villa Badia is the holiday paradise in Villa Badia.
    -Pitiusa is an oriental colony which was established in Villa Badia during the XX century. Its importance is increasing.
    -Confluentia has the main milk processing factories in Villa Badia, and exports milk to many countries.
    -Cala Bona has the unique airport in Villa Badia. As it isnt very big, it only operated with close countries.
    -La Verca is the most modern city in Villa Badia. Its the place where a new powerplant is being built, in order to make the country self-sufficient in energy issues.

    Try to include a similar land in the map, Julius ;)
  4. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    At first I thought it said Port Xtube:P
  5. Julio STRANGLES

    muchas gracias nessie and thank you liam

    mente sucia XDD

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