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Esterran entry for 23!!!

  1. Estêvão Did you ever know that you're (JW) my hero

    There was some infighting at the Televisão Lusitânia (TVL) headquarters in the past 72 hours. An argument broke out between the Head of Entertainment programming, Magdalena Costa Ribeiro, and the head of the Esterran delegation to the Avalonian Broadcasting Union (ABU), Geoff Williams, about the Esterran entry for edition 23.

    Magdalena: "Nós decidimos mudar a canção para a edição 23."
    Geoff: "Why? We've already selected a song!"
    Magdalena: "Tu tens estado encarregado de escolher as canções desde a terceira edição. E não tens tido muito sucesso."
    Geoff: "We won edition 17! NO ONE thought we would ever host."
    Magdalena: "Nunca ninguem pensou porque o que escolhes (normalmente) é MERDA! Quantas vezes o teu grande país acabou em último?"
    Geoff: "Four, but that's not the point..."
    Magdalena: "Exactamente! Envias-te aquela canção Simlish horrorosa! Nos vamos mudar a musica representante na edição 23 de Inglês para Português."
    Geoff: "But..."
    Magdalena: "Mais ainda, vais ser substituido pelo João Maria Surdo."
    Geoff: "Surdo!?! The deaf host on TVL Radio 1?"
    Magdalena: "Mesmo surdo, ele tem mais gosto musical que tu. Estas despedido!"

    As you can see (Google translator if you can not), the head of the Esterran delegation to the ABU was fired for consistently sending bad entries. The head of Entertainment programming for TVL has opted to replace the original entry for Edition 23 with a different song. This song will be in PORTUGUESE. This marks the debut of the country under the name Esterra. They hope this will be a sign of good things to come.

    The artist is a band that has success in both Portugal and Esterra.

    And now for your ONE clue: Take away Florence...

    Thanks to Júlio for providing proper Portuguese translation!!!
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  2. Eurovizz Member


    (I am only having fun with gifs now)
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    i need no translator :D
  4. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    Too bad the Esterran Head of Delegation was fired, but let's hope it's for the best. Best of luck for Esterra!

    (BTW, no Google Translator needed either).
  5. Natalya Rusinka :D

    I'm suprised, I understood it.:3

    BOA SORTE ESTE :D :up:
  6. Jorggito New Member

    lolll.. Magdalena is really tough, but i have to agree! An entry in portuguese could make the difference :)

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