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Estonia 2012

  1. northerner New Member

    Janne Saar - Fight for Love /
    Mia feat. I.M.T.B - Bon Voyage /
    POP Maniacs - I Don't Know /
    Ott Lepland - Kuula /
    Liis Lemsalu - Made Up My Mind /
    Lenna - Mina Jään /

    Malcolm Lincoln - Bye /
    Tenfold Rabbit - Oblivion /
    Birgit Õigemeel & Violina - You're not alone /
    Soul Militia - The Future Is Now /
    Mimicry - The Destination /
    TEELE VIIRA- City Nights /
    Cat Eye - Ride /

    Something out of those, but which do you like the most out of those?
  2. Mina Member with a "past"

    Kuula <3
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    Liis Lemsalu or Lenna please :P
  4. matthewbell32 Du kommer alltid vara nummer 1 för mig

    I like Lenna and Liis a lot, Birgit too. Kind of have a soft spot for Mimicry as well.
  5. Liam Esterran.

    This is all pointless, Ott Lepland is going to win and anyone who thinks otherwise does not understand how much they love him here.
  6. northerner New Member

    hey lads... thx for feedback
  7. Ljupco Active Member

    OTT TO BAKU!!!
  8. Liam Esterran.

    Liis and Lenna are in with a shot based on what I'm hearing. I expect them to be the top 3 with Ott and with Traffic and either Birgit or Tenfold Rabbit rounding out the top 5.

    Last week Eesti Laul saw a big surprise with Orelipoiss, Mimicry, Soul Militia and Malcolm Lincoln all being eliminated. The first semi was very obvious and predictable, but I think most of us saw at least one shock last week (for me it was Orelipoiss and Malcolm Lincoln, from Liam I heard he was shocked with Mimicry being eliminated).
    For me, it gives me the idea the final could be a lot less predictable than most of us expected.
    Who will go to the superfinal (and this is a prediction, not my personal preference):
    • Liis Lemsalu - Made Up My Mind
    • Ott Lepland - Kuula
    But I wouldn't be surprised if any of the following are in the superfinal:
    • Lenna - Mina Jään
    • Loss Paranoias - Valedetektor
    • Traffic - NASA
  10. Liam Esterran.

    It was less shock that Mimicry didn't make it and more that Teele Viira did. And as much as I hate to admit it, don't rule out Tenfold Rabbit, lot of publicity this week.

    Ott should still win, but Liis or Lenna could give him a run for his money.
  11. Mina Member with a "past"

    Congrats to Ott, he's my new number 2 (after Iceland) <3

    Here is the winning performance:

  12. Liam Esterran.

    Told y'alls.
  13. Liam Esterran.

    Shameless self promotion ofc.
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  14. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Mina, remember that 'thing' we all saw, but you missed? I've got a surprise for you the next time we're both in chat:D:P
  15. Mina Member with a "past"

    Ohhhhhhhhh, at 1st I couldn't remember what you mean but now I think I get it...ok, I'll be waiting :o
  16. Liam Esterran.

    Man, this was really Ott's in the bag the whole time!


    Basically to summarise: In every round of voting Ott got more than double 2nd place, sometimes nearly triple.
    Malcolm Lincoln was last in his semi final.
    Other stuff also happened, but read it yourself. God.
  17. northerner New Member

    They decided to not use the piano in Baku. Too expensive to rent/bring one, lol
    So, what do you guys think of the other contestants besides the winner Ott?
  18. Mina Member with a "past"

    Well, I thought it was one of the best finals this year so far. All the songs were well performed (except You're not alone which I liked before but I didn't like her live) and Lenna and Los Paranoias were excellent..but the best song was chosen for sure :D
  19. Liam Esterran.

    Eesti Laul is always amazing, and yet again I loved most of the songs. Loss Paranoias was my second favourite though, however I am friends with some of the band as they are based here in Tartu where I live which means I inevitably end up drinking with them sometimes. They're really nice people and I think represent the "spirit of Tartu".

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