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Eurovision Beauty Contest

  1. Thomas Member

    You can vote here for the most beautiful singers of Eurovision who took part from 1998 to 2009, giving the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 points.
  2. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    12 Elena Paparizou
    10 Aysel
    8 Karolina Goceva
    7 Maria Haukaas Storeng
    6 Shiri Maimon
    5 Sandra Nurmsalu (Urban Symphony)
    4 Christine Gulbrandsen
    3 Charlotte Perrelli/Nilsson
    2 Chiara
    1 Anna Sahlene
  3. You what?! :o:D:P
  4. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    thats actually normal compared to chiara!!!!
  5. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    At least Chiara looks human :P

    Wow, Thomas started a thread? :o
  6. Almila i am what i am

    roflroflrofl at the messages above
  7. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    12 Elena Paparizou
    10 Yohanna
    8 Hanna Pakarinen
    7 Maria Huakaas Storeng
    6 Ani Lorak (i need at least one diva in here)
    5 Sandra Nurmsalu
    4 Regina Ósk
    3 Paulo Menneguzzi (i need to be PC and have at least 1 male)
    2 Daniela Varela
    1 Tina Karol

  8. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    LOL well I knew somebody would say something :P Admittedly, in 2008 she wasn't at her best, but in 1999 she did look fantastic and people always over-exaggerate what she looked like in 2008 anyway :) She's not ugly and is in fact a very good looking person!
  9. Ooooh, I always forget about 1999 :rolleyes: she did look very nice then :) I definitely hate those people who diss her looks :@ she is a STAR!!! But my reaction came from the fact there are soooo many more gorgeous looking women who have competed in ESC! and Jonny, which Chiara do you prefer?

    1998 ;)


  10. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    2009 by far :D
  11. Kevin New Member

    Shes very pretty (if you love cats)
    i mean just look:
  12. Okay, so here's my countdown of the most fabulous ESC females 1998-2009!

    1 Birgitta Haukdal Brynjarsdóttir (Iceland 2003)
    At number 10 on my list, with one point, is the smiling misses from the mystical island we all love. For me, Icelanders have a very unique look and I can instantly pick them out of a crowd - oddly enough, her facial structure reminds me very much of Selma and Ágústa Eva (aka Silvía Night). Birgitta is a bright ball of sunshine and her positivity and sheer emotivity when performing is what won her a place on my list!

  13. 2 Szilvia Péter Szabó / NOX (Hungary 2005)
    Straight from Kevin's homeland is one of the more unappreciated beauties to ever grace the stage of Eurovision. As one half of the band NOX, she both sung and danced her way to a respectable top half finish for Hungary who were returning to the contest after a lengthy hiatus - her beauty speaks for itself ;)

  14. 3 Csézy (Hungary 2008)
    Continuing with the tradition of unappreciated beauty and Hungarian-ness, at number 8 on my list with 3 points is the classy Csézy who unfortunately came dead last in the 2nd semi-final of 2008 with 6 points. Despite the poor finish, and criticisms of singing a "disney-ballad" there is absolutely nothing a miss with her stage presence or her natural, classic looks.


    ...and check out her website here for some absolutely stunning pics!
  15. Removed User #2 New Member

    1: Sirusho
    2: Shiri Maymon ( but not natural beauty )
    3: Soetkin Baptist ( Lead singer of Ishtar )
    4: Nela Pocisková ( Unnoticed beauty, and is only 19 ! )
    5: Daniela Varela ( Lead singer of Flor-De-Lis )
    6: Séverine Ferrer
    7: Veronica Codesal ( Lead singer of Urban Trad )

    8: Sandra Nurmsalu
    10: Hind
    12: Patricia Kaas
  16. In total agreement with you! She just missed out on my top 10 but she needed a mention!!!
  17. 4 Maria Haukaas Storeng (Norway 2008)
    Doing the impossible in 2008 by achieving a top 5 position for Norway in an Eastern-dominated affair was not Maria's only achievement, as she proved you didn't need short skirts, slampy dance routines or all the charm and grace of a whore to be considered beautiful! She also did the impossible once again in MF 2009 by making me unable to focus on anything but her breasts :P

  18. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Chiara's round but she has a pretty face I think :)

    And if she ever decides to change her shape, I hope she does it the right way because losing too much too fast = nasty skeletal face and turkey neck :P
  19. 5 Sandra Nurmsalu / Urban Symphony (Estonia 2009)
    Sandra was undoubtedly one of the beauties in the 2009 contest, providing a welcome contrast to generic appeal of Slutlana and Ho-dise in the final! Her china white skin; silk-like, jet black hair; and piercing, shimmering blue eyes have led to her beauty being described as haunting, mystical and ethereal and from these photos, you must certainly agree :D

    [IMG] [IMG]
  20. 6 Yohanna (Iceland 2009)
    Once again, I return to Iceland with the 18-year old Yohanna, who's quaint unassuming charm yet powerful vocals took her to 2nd place in this year's contest and brought pride and joy to a nation which has suffered great tragedy over the past months. Despite looking like a tea-cosy in her blue, oceanic dress, her smile and the Icelandic, frosty, glint in her eyes mean that she is 5th on my list with 6 points!


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