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Eurovision TV published jury results

  1. Mina Member with a "past"

    According to them these were the jury points:

    Norway (312 points)
    Iceland (260 points)
    United Kingdom (223 points)
    France (164 points)
    Estonia (124 points)
    Denmark (120 points)
    Turkey (114 points)
    Azerbaijan (112 points)
    Israel (107 points)
    Greece (93 points)
    Moldova (93 points)
    Bosnia & Herzegovina (90 points)
    Malta (87 points)
    Germany (73 points)
    Armenia (71 points)
    Ukraine (68 points)
    Russia (67 points)
    Portugal (64 points)
    Croatia (58 points)
    Lithuania (31 points)
    Romania (31 points)
    Sweden (27 points)
    Albania (26 points)
    Finland (12 points)
    Spain (9 points)

    However I don't see the separate votes of each jury and I realised that if we don't have the televoting results, too, we have no way of knowing whether countries like Sweden, Finland or Spain did so badly because of the juries or in televoting as well.
  2. Mark New Member

    Well they are MUCH better results, surprised how low Portugal did with jury though and how high Denmark did, the bottom 6 were the worst of the night, bar Norway, Greece and Ukraine ofc. Turkey is too high, but still :D Overall better results, and Go France and Israel !! :D
  3. MILKshake  

    shoot me off :ekk:
  4. Mina Member with a "past"

    I don't know how you consider normal France with an excellent performance and the best voice of the night to only get 164 points (average 3.9 points by each jury:o) and Norway 312 (average 7.4:o)
    Also, for the life of me I can't understand how Turkey was so much higher than B&H and Malta.
  5. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Shocks: > GERMANY!!! 73 POINTS = SUPER ROFL!!!
    > Sweden low but lower than I expected, it is an absolute travesty.
    > Spain well VERY low but thats what I expected.
    > Finland, considering this was the song the juries saved i'm surprised.
    > Turkey, well I expected Turkey to be relatively high but NOT above Azerbaijan! Which shows just how much more popular Azerbaijan must have been with the voting public

    But overall ... JE SUIS TRES HAPPY!! :D
  6. c1ask0 Napkin of death holder

    It has to be said that the juries were a very good addition to the show. It's only fair that it be introduced into the semi-finals, in order to give smaller countries a greater chance of qualifying to the finals, as many of them have missed out now:

    Montenegro 2009
    Slovenia 2008
    Andorra 2007
    Belgium 2006
  7. I don't really see why? :S Think about it, it's not like Croatia and Finland were specifically voted 'the best entries which didn't qualify through televoting' if you see what I mean, for all we know they could have been 10th on the juries lists in which case their final positions wouldn't be surprising because the juries would have had 18 songs which they already preferred.

    Plus, I think they're 2 different sets of juries anyway :D
  8. Belgium 2006 / Andorra 2007: rather unlucky but juries weren't helping anyone those years.
    Slovenia 2008: great song but a really messy chaotic performance...and not even in a Slutlana sense.
    Montenegro 2009: Just LOL :D

    Funny how when Estonia actually sends something generally classed as excellent they qualify :rolleyes: it's not about the size/number of neighbours that a country has in the semi, it really is just how decent their entry is. (Ignore Turkey though :P)
  9. That's what puzzles me too :S

    Yes Mina, I would also like to see the separate votes of each jury and the televoting results.

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