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Exit Poll #117

  1. Genesis2703 Pointless

    Hello Everyone!

    I have the honour of organising the exit poll for this edition (HFc everyone <<) that is being held in Inspireland! For the two debutees to the contest, this is an opportunity for you to make some guesses regarding the outcome of #117, by answering some questions which are listed below. :)

    The deadline for answers is 23:59 on Friday (BST). Please PM your answers to me here (if the link is broken, please tell me). As always, this is compulsory for both CTP and Janet

    Q1a) Which nation will win Edition #117?
    b) Which two nations will receive the other two medals?

    Q2a) Which nation will receive the toilet in Edition #117?
    b) Which two nations will finish just above said toilet?

    Q3) There are 9 returning artists this edition, albeit only two sent by the same nation that originally sent them! (Riikvania, Yugosokia, Technika, SoTa, Polusa Imperio, Sarnavia, Inspireland, Balunistan, Flippy)
    a) Which of these will do the best?
    b) Which will place in the middle (5th out of these 9)
    c) Which of these will do the worst?

    Q4) Which nation shall get the 12 from:
    a) jw (Furnyland)
    b) The host (Inspireland)
    c) Last editions toilet (Nigaristan)

    Q5) There are eight non-english entries (Empelia, Yugosokia, Stokkanslandet, San Minino, Jamoukovia, Villa Badia, Inspireland and Planet Janet (apologies Janet :'( )) and one lyricless entry (Eunecta). This means that non-english songs make up just over one third of the competing entries, but will they receive more than one third of the total points on offer?

    Q6) Which nation shall receive the most toilets from individual nations?

    Q7) We have two debuting nations this edition (Riikvania and Cabbana), how many of them start off on a high and get a top 10 placing? (If your answer is "1" then please specify which nation)

    Q8) Which quintile do you think you'll finish in? (i.e. 1st-5th, 6th-10th, and so on)

    Extra) The slogan for the edition is "Growing Strong". What's your favourite plant/flower and why? <<
  2. Genesis2703 Pointless

    Thanks to Ana, Anette, Berk, Chris, James, Janet, Julio, Rigmo, Rua and Pedro* for answering the exit poll << The results are as follows:

    a) Inspireland (5x), Jamoukovia, Technika, Tildemarte, Yugosokia
    b) Technika (5x), State of the Ark (3x), Davis Island (2x), Inspireland (2x), San Minino (2x), Balunistan, Jamoukovia, Riikvania, Yugosokia

    a) Nigaristan (6x), Eunecta (2x), Cabbana
    b) Eunecta (4x), Cabbana (3x), Sachs Tanz Combinat (3x), Nigaristan (2x), Empelia, Il Regno d'Italofilia, Planet Janet, Polusa Imperio, Stokkanslandet, Villa Badia

    a) Inspireland (7x), Technika, Yugosokia
    b) Balunistan (4x), Riikvania (3x), Polusa Imperio, Sarnavia
    c) Polusa Imperio (2x), Riikvania (2x), Sarnavia (2x), Flippy, State of the Ark, Yugosokia

    a) Inspireland (5x), Il Regno d'Italofilia, Technika, State of the Ark, Stokkanslandet
    b**) Technika (4x), Davis Islands, Il Regno d'Italofilia, Tildemarte, Yugosokia
    c) Yugosokia (4x), Cabbana (2x), Egelivia, Flippy, Polusa Imperio

    Q5) Yes (7x), No (2x)

    Q6) Nigaristan (5x), Eunecta (2x), Cabbana, Villa Badia

    Q7) Riikvania (5x), None (4x)

    Q8) 11th-15th (4x - Berk, James, Janet, Rigmo), 16th-20th (2x - Anette, Rua), 6th-10th (Julio), 20th-25th (Ana), "and so on" (Chris :P )

    Extra) Below are the answers I was given, it was interesting to see that two people had the same answer!

    Lilac (2x) - "smells well / it looks really pretty and has an amazing fragrance"
    "A red flower we call Amaryllis and you Hippeastrum i think. Because it's beautiful"
    "Lavatera - it’s pretty and easy to grow"
    "My favourite plant is Bougainvillea. When you mix two different colours, especially white and pink, it seems amazing."
    "Orchid because it just is"
    "A Carrot, I like Carrots"
    "Is cocaine a plant? I like cocaine."
    "I like sunflowers and roses - and the iconic typo of Plant Janet (sic)"

    Once again thank you everyone who took the time to answer this poll. I hope everyone enjoys tonights show in Inspireland! <<

    *Pedro messed up when answering, causing his votes to be voided
    **Julio obviously did not answer this question
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