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France 2018


    France have not given us their full songs yet, but we're getting clips of Destination Eurovision. For the first time since 2014 (when they finished last...) they'll have a national final. One wonders why.
    We don't have all names yet, so I'll update this once we get more names.
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  2. Mina Member with a "past"

    I like most of them. Go :fr:
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    For me:
    1. Rêve de Gamin
    2. Eva
    3. Mamma Mia
    4. J'Ai Cru
    5. Tu Me Manques
    6. Paradis
    7. I'll Be There
    8. Là-Haut
    9. Mercy
    10. L'Un Près De L'Autre
    11. Jamais Sans Toi
    12. Ailleurs
    13. Lisboa Jérusalem
    14. Un Jour J'Ai Rêvé
    15. My World
    16. OK ou KO
    17. Same
    18. Ciao
    So far, I have to applaud them. I like most of these.
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    Updated now with Mina's Nassi. He took part in the escChat Song Contest and is now in Destination Eurovision.
  5. Mina Member with a "past"

    Yay! Nassi's song with a good dance act would be great :D

    All songs are now there!
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  7. Genesis2703 Pointless

    :fr: Destination Eurovision - Semi Final 1 Ranking (Lives) :fr:
    1. Lisandro Cuxi - Eva
    2. Emmy Liyana -OK ou KO
    3. Noée - L'Un Près De L'Autre
    4. Ehla - J'ai Cru
    5. Malo - Ciao
    6. Louka - Mamma Mia
    7. Enea - I'll Be There
    8. Masoe - Paradis
    9. Pheno-Men - Jamais Sans Toi
    Malo would've been much lower if Masoe, Louka and Enea were better live. As a whole the songs seem better than the people singing them. I hope the vocals next week are a bit stronger!
  8. Mina Member with a "past"

    Lisandro and Malo are my favourites from this semi. Emmy and Louka are also good. One of the rare times when I think all the qualifiers have potential.

  10. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    My top 9:
    1. Eva
    2. OK ou KO
    3. L'Un Près De L'Autre
    4. Mamma Mia
    5. Paradis
    6. J'Ai Cru
    7. Ciao
    8. I'll Be There
    9. Jamais Sans Toi
  11. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    The final is complete! In order of points received in the semi:
    • Lisandro Cuxi - Eva
    • Madame Monsieur - Mercy
    • Max Cinnamon - Ailleurs
    • Igit - Lisboa Jérusalem
    • Nassi - Rêves de Gamin
    • Emmy Liyana - OK ou KO
    • Malo' - Ciao
    • Louka - Mamma Mia
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  12. Mina Member with a "past"

    Nassi has the best song for me, shame about his live performance. If he improves by the final, he should get the ticket.
    If not, Eva would be the logical decision to make. Malo would be interesting, too, as Ciao is so different.
    From the rest, Emmy is a very good singer and would get jury points, I believe. I don't know how Mercy would do, I think it sounds like a soundtrack and I get bored after the first minute.
  13. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    I think this is a really strong final, I hardly dislike anything. I would be fine with pretty much anyone from Louka, Max Cinnamon, Emmy Liyana, Lisandro Cuxi or IGIT - of these, I think Lisandro has the best competitive chance, even if I like the others more. Madame Monsieur and Malo' are alright, just not my cup of tea genre-wise. Nassi is the only one I really dislike, and the only one I actively hope doesn't make it.

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