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Full results of the Cosmic televote !! exclusive

  1. Alex Identified Flying Object

    Votes : 2500

    321 votes Jacuvia : (Due to the huge amount of gay children and also to the numerous Jacuvian immigrants in Cosmos ofc)

    315 votes Kristonia : (The lead singer of Sigur Ros is Kristionian , and that smartly promoted the Kristonian entry itself)

    275 votes MILKlands : (Because of Vince , the well-known Milklish porn star , whose fame rose up lately , due to his famous sold out strip shows)

    263 votes Drapania : (Because the song was already famous in Cosmos , after our national Star , Susan Boyle , sang this song at "Cosmos got Talent")

    234 votes Fireflance : (Just because we loved this entry:))

    221 votes Furnyland : (Because of HUGE promoting and glypsimo ofc :o Also , Rep. of Furnyland sent a big number of tourists the voting period , for an obvious reason:o:o:o )

    220 votes Andropia : (The song is sang in one of the offishial languages in the Republic of Cosmos : Pattish English)

    202 votes Portugalia : (Slampiness rocks !!)

    178 votes Eigerland : (A pre-contest favorite that failed to win many votes unexptectedly)

    70 votes Davis Island : (Unfortunately we have only 70 elderly people in Cosmos :( . All 70 votes were theirs)

    43 votes Black Daisystan : (All from Minnie & Micky Mouse , Donald , Daisy , Goofy , Sinead and their relatives:D)

    42 votes Stokkanslandet : (Although it was believed that it would get really many votes from our citizens , the automatic finalists stole the Stokkanslandi votes :o )

    35 votes Safinette : (All 35 votes were sent by the Saffinettian leader's lovers)

    1 vote Sheepmark : (The reason is obvious...)

    Rest : 0 :o:o:o

    Invalid votes : 1(Damn Umed is a citizen of ours:()

    (seems I was preety bored while writing this thread:D)
  2. CTP Jass hater

    Cosmosians can't count! Where did the 80 missing votes go? ;) Yes, I was THAT bored to add them up :P
  3. Scheeples ©

    Thank you UMED!!! :o:D:cool:
  4. Alex Identified Flying Object

    dah seems yes...
    It must have been Umed counting them u know...:o

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