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Furnyland's 12 points #1-#26

  1. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.


    As we are approaching the end-of-life for the jw era of the contest, I made a video showing where my 12 points would have gone in every edition if I had participated in them all. Of course you can see where I gave 12 points to in Editions 7-11 plus 25 and E1, but nobody has known who would have received my 12 points in all the other editions.

    I will reveal it in full in a video after the results show. It was originally intended to form part of the interval act in the show itself but for diplomatic reasons it will be presented separately here instead and not in the actual show.

    So, as the new craze is prediction (by the way, I did come up with this idea for predicting my 12 points before the threads by Este and James :P), does anyone want to try predicting who I'd have given 12 points to in each of the editions that I didn't participate in? :D

    Once again, for diplomatic reasons, please keep any discussion about this to this thread only and not the chat room.
  2. Estêvão Did you ever know that you're (JW) my hero

    Excellent! I shall participate in THIS prediction thread!
  3. James ... and his things xD

    Damn, I wished JW's 12 pointers would be as predictable as your behaviour.
  4. Estêvão Did you ever know that you're (JW) my hero

    Edition 1:
    Edition 2:
    Edition 3:
    Edition 4:
    Edition 5:
    Edition 6:
    Edition 12:
    Edition 13:
    Edition 14:
    Edition 15:
    Edition 16:
    Edition 17:
    Edition 18:
    Edition 19:
    Edition 20:
    Edition 21:
    Edition 22:
    Edition 23:
    Edition 24:
    Edition 26:

    (shall edit momentarily)

    Let's give it a go:P

    #1: Moofistan
    #2: Black Daisystan
    #3: State of the Ark
    #4: Davis Island
    #5: Davis Island
    #6: Hexelbourg
    #12: Sheepmark
    #13: State of the Ark
    #14: Eigerland
    #15: Sheepmark
    #16: Kristonia
    #17: State of the Ark
    #18: Inspireland
    #19: Atlântico Norte
    #20: Black Daisystan
    #21: Moofistan
    #22: Il Regno D'Italofilia
    #23: Inspireland
    #24: Villa Badia
    E2: Black Daisystan

    Edition 1: Sheepmark
    Edition 2: Fireflance
    Edition 3: Fusionia
    Edition 4: Davis Island
    Edition 5: Fusionia
    Edition 6: Sheepmark (or should be)
    Edition 12: Sheepmark!
    Edition 13: Lusitania
    Edition 14: Eigerland*
    Edition 15: Sheepmark*
    Edition 16: Italofilia / Davis Island (not suuuure)
    Edition 17: Villa Badia ofc
    Edition 18: Inspireland
    Edition 19: Italofilia
    Edition 20: Eigerland
    Edition 21: State of the Ark
    Edition 22: Italofilia
    Edition 23: Inspireland
    Edition 24: Villa Badia ofc
    E2: Black Daisystan / Italofilia (not sure neither)
    Edition 26: Rusakatinova
  7. James ... and his things xD

    I will predict the contests in which i was participating:

    Edition 16: Kristonia
    Edition 17: Black Daisystan
    Edition 18: Inspireland
    Edition 19: Il Regno d' Italofilia
    Edition 20: Eigerland
    Edition 21: Moofistan
    Edition 22: Narland
    Edition 23: Inspireland
    Edition 24: Villa Badia
    Edition 26: Inspireland
    E2: Black daisystan
  8. Edition 3: State of the Ark :D
  9. Lilly.. Y U NO ALIEN?

    I wished I knew haha , I haven't been a part of this contest long enough and I haven't heard all the songs yet - and I don't know your music taste . But I heard you say a few times that if you participated in #19 you'd give 12 to Hello Hello . Though there was a thread months ago with your #19 votes .
  10. Liam Esterran.

    IIRC has mentioned a few of these. He said Atlantico Norte would have got his 12 with 2NE1's 'Go Away' and that Wodongaria would have got it when I sent Nicole.

    As for predicting, meh, I can't even be bothered looking up which editions these songs were in ;)
  11. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    The songs were already shown in livestream last night and you can watch the montage again here:

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