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Germany 2013


    Germany has revealed 11 out of 12 artists for their 2013 National Final. I'll post some of their old songs here, all with hyperlinks, so just click a name and you'll hear a song.

    Ben Ivory - The Righteous Ones
    The only song I found wihout a remix of this guy was:
    Better Love

    Betty Dittrich - Lalala
    Betty is an alternative/hippie singer. Lalala is of course a title that says nothing about language. Most of her songs are however in German. It's the blonde singer in the following video:
    Fritz Der Kapitän

    Blitzkids mvt. - Heart On The Line
    A dance/trance project, around 1 singer, a female one. A really good act and I'm sure they will be one of the favourites. The song I selected is:

    Cascada - Glorious
    No doubt the biggest name in this list. Cascada scored big hits all over Europe, so the fact they agreed/applied is a big one and most likely thanks to Loreen who brought ESC back alive with the bigger acts. Another reason for them might be the fact that Cascada's success isn't as big as it used to be.
    What did I pick here? The obvious.
    Evacuate The Dancefloor

    Finn Martin - Change
    Well, I don't know this guy, so I can't comment on his music. Lucky us though, as this song was released 11th September 2012. It's one of the few we can actually hear:

    La BrassBanda - Nackert
    And here we go with a novelty act. The title means something like naked, but then specifically human nudity... They describe themselves as dialect reggae.
    A song for them: well they're a meaningless band, so I went with a song about beer tents.

    Mobilée - Little Sister
    I hoped this would happen: Mobilée in the national final. I absolutely love them and was planning to send them to our contest a while ago. Their song are always full of fun and folk, exactly what I love. This song sounds like a combination between Of Monsters And Men and Lena, so I'm a fan.
    Unfortunately, they performed this song in May already. Therefore this cannot be their Eurovision attempt. I hope NDR keep Mobilée, but with a different song.
    Little Sister
    It could well be that the video above is blocked in several countries. To get an impression anyway, here's the one I planned to send a while ago:
    Lay Down Here

    Nica & Joe - Elevated
    Veronika Belyavskaya from Poland and Joseph Guyton from the USA form this duo. They were in X-Factor Germany in 2011, where they came 3rd, being mentored by Sarah Connor (who was in our contest once). Their music is pop meets classic. It could do really well in Germany and Europe.
    The songs I picked are a version of Euphoria and one of their own songs:
    Build A Palace

    Die Priester ft. Mojca Erdmann - Ave Maris Stella
    Wow. Wow. Wow. This I did not expect. Of course, same with Heilsarmee, I thought this was a mocking name: the priests. However, those 3 male singers are actually priests. And their song is Ave Maris Stella. Germany must have some balls to let this have a chance to go to Malmö... Oh and the three also have the charisma of napkins. Their featured artist is Mojca Erdmann, a 37 year old soprano who is used to singing Mozart's opera's.
    I wonder how they will do this though, as Ave Maris Stella is an old Gregorian piece in Latin. I cannot imagine EBU allowing a 700 year old piece to be used for Eurovision...
    The song I picked is their Eurovision attempt for now:
    Ave Maris Stella

    Saint Lu - Craving
    Soul. Rock. A voice we've been used to now, after Duffy, Amy Winehouse etc. Don't know what else to say as I don't know Saint Lu.
    The song I picked is 2 years old:
    Don't Miss Your Own Life

    Söhne Mannheims - One Love
    Definitely the second best known name for German people. Their lead singer also has a solo career: he is a coach on The Voice Germany and went to the escChat Song Contest, where he flushed... it's Xavier Naidoo. I'm surprised to see these guys in the national final, it's not the thing they normally would do.
    Their music is a combination between gospel, pop, rock and rap. It's hard to determine where they're Eurovision attempt will go because of that. It's likely to have a religious message as well. All I know is that they have a chance to make it no matter how bad their song is, as they are incredibly famous in Germany.
    The song I picked is one that actually touches all four genres most:
    Gesucht Und Gefunden

    In general: the 12th name will be important. Rumours go everywhere now, as they expect it to be either a golden oldie singer or a popular group. Names I've heard that most of you will know (and this is mostly based on the fact that these people have said Eurovision is never impossible for them):
    Herbert Grönemeyer
    Matthias Reim
    Frida Gold
    However, I wouldn't be surprised if they went with an unknown name to try the format of 2010 and 2012 as well, as that worked out.

    But from these 11 names, it's obvious that Cascada and Söhne Mannheims are frontrunners. Personally I would love Mobilée.

    And there we have the last name for the German national final!

    Mia Diekow - Lieblingslied
    This woman most of us will know: she was in our contest representing Crustonia. It's electronic/jazz/pop and finally an entry that will surely be in German! And that is a big plus for her!
    The song I selected for her is obviously the one Crusto sent:
    Black Beauty
  3. James ... and his things xD

    Apparently the songs can be heard here.

    As James said, every song can be listened there. Only LaBrassBanda and Die Priester aren't there at the moment, but Die Priester can be found on YouTube here. LaBrassBanda still is a mystery.

    OMG why are they bothering? (Am I just being particularly uncharitable today?) Germany really can't complain about not doing well when they serve up such dross. Three Lena Wannabees in there :o I have seen 'the' unofficial video of LaBrassBanda's video shoot, which unfortunately (or should it be fortunately?) doesn't contain singing. I would only entertain Blitzkids or Nica and Jo.
    They truly are scraping the bottom of the barrel :(

    Looking at what fans seem to like, there's a surprising front runner atm next to Cascada. Betty Dittrich and her 70s LaLaLa!

    Neither of those are the worst (suck it up, James :P) but I honestly think it's rather a poor effort from Germany this year.

    I really disagree. The Germans offer a varied selection of songs, where the Germans can clearly pick what genre they like, but all songs are likeable in some way at least.

    I think most of them are very ordinary at best and a couple are horrible :P
  10. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

  11. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

  12. Julio STRANGLES

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  13. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Well in case chat player hangs up then :baby: I'll miss it either way, I'm at my dad's work so I'll only catch the winner's announcement :/
  14. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    The opposite happened, I was able to watch most of the show because of almost no customers coming in, but I missed the announcement because I had to go to the bank.
    Anyway, winner's music video:
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  15. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    Apparently, German (mostly Bavarian) fans and media are now going crazy in Germany. It's now at a point where jury president Mary Roos had to defend herself on Facebook today. But what exactly is wrong?
    Mary obviously gave out the jury points last night and as we all saw: LaBrassBanda, the clear radio favourite, ended up 10th with juries. This basically cost them the victory (in my opinion: thank god for that). As both Mary Roos' and Cascada's record label is Universal, people are now calling it a fix. Mary stated on her Facebook today 'I did not know that Cascada is with Universal'.
    However, as I explained several times, the logic is easy. I'm sure that if we made a map of where the votes for LaBrassBanda (both radio voting and televoting) came from, we would get 90% covered by Bavaria. There were no Bavarians in the jury, which means that they are perhaps less attracted to the song 'Nackert'.

    In general, we can all agree to the fact that this voting was crazy and completely insane actually. Mostly because of the jury. But I don't think we can call it a fix. And the worst thing of all: it's the messager that ones again takes the bullet for the rest of them. Looking at the FB pages, literally no one seems to go crazy at Anna, Roman, Peter or Tim - just Mary.
  16. OskarEvansBaker New Member

    The songs I like most are by Ben ivory, & Betty Dittrich - but on the night, I was won over by the duo Nica & Joe .

    I like the voice of the girl from Cascada. I like uptempo numbers. I feel like I should be into the song (and other Cascada songs)....but no, just okayish.
  17. Teodor Moderator

    Cascada with a glorious song!!! it's great but not the winner ;)

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