•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Turin!

Guys this is the end...

  1. Here's the exact results of the Spanish back-up jury votes from last night:

    12 Norway
    10 Ukraine
    8 Moldova
    7 Azerbeijan
    6 Greece
    5 Serbia
    4 Denmark
    3 Hungary
    2 Estonia
    1 Lithuania

    I don't have much strength to talk at the minute...
  2. Kevin New Member

    yes, i read this and i cant belive how much spain are trying to get banned!!!!!!

    plus how the fuck did Norway get 12pts and Ukraine 10pts :@
  3. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Norway got 12? OH FUCK!!!!!!

    See this is where TVE confuses me, one minute they love eurovision the next minute they hate it!!!

    Firstly this year they put tonnes of effort into their selection, sooooo much and then when it comes to the actual show, they showed no regard for it whatsoever and tried to get rid of it was quickly as possible!!

    Then theres EDC 2008! They chose Rosa and made quite a big deal out of it, so you'd think they were quite interested, then weeks/days before the event they withdrew, but decided to show the contest anyway!!

    And you see, you'd think they'd quite like eurovision because it gets relatively good viewing figures in Spain. What's more this year is totally confusing ... they chose not to vote in the first semi which (fair enough) they had a good reason to do) BUT then they go and broadcast a eurovision related programme at the same time as the first semi final anyway! Showing there was space in their broadcasting schedule to show the semi!

    So then when it comes to the second semi, fair enough they were in a sticky situation. They had to chose between broadcasting Master's Tennis & Eurovision semi final, and by the looks of things the Tennis contract was far more binding than eurovision. Apparently the masters contract said they HAD to broadcast it live on a TVE main channel, so tbh I can see why they chose Masters over eurovision. BUT they shouldn't have got themselves into this situation in the first place. Its ridiculous!!!!

    And now they're letting out these jury votes like it doesn't matter, WTF!? Its like they wanna be banned from the competition (which makes sense tbh given what massive anus's they are)!!

    Basically, to conclude: TVE YOU ARE TOTAL DOUCHE BAGS!!!!!

    Maybe if TVE do withdraw/get disqualified, another Spanish broadcaster will step in :) I wouldn't be surprised.
  4. Mina Member with a "past"

    If by 'the end' you mean the 12pts to Norway, there were no: Bosnia, Uk, France, Malta, Iceland and so on in yesterday's semi ;)
    Not to mention that the back-up jury and the jury in the final are totally different people..the back-up jury doesn't consist of professional musicians.
  5. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Amen! :) I was getting worried but it makes more sense now!
  6. Mina, I hope to god you're right but even that fact that they considered giving 12 to Norway in the first place is scary...and that 2 to Estonia almost killed me :( it needs to be higher!
  7. Stine Mendez New Member

    I don´t believe for a second that Norway will win, so I wouldn´t worry too much...
    And if he does win, I won´t be a bastard about it. :D:D:D
  8. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Now i'm beginning to think maybe Iceland could win ... cos their song has got jury votes written all over it and Yohanna knows how to perform + the televoters are gonna like it :)

    I reckon whoever wins tonight, its gonna be close. There are so many favourites and apart from a few most of the countries on stage tonight could win. :P Maybe we'll actually see an exciting voting sequence!!!!!!

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