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Hungary 2017


  2. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    kallay saunders yet again zzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Mina Member with a "past"

    Some of them sound interesting but you can't tell much from snippets.

    I didn't actually notice this last night, but now the entire song is out in full... TOTOVA is a new stage name for Tóth Gabi (yes, that's Vera's sister). And I must say I really want this in Kiev.
  5. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.



    My top 18 of what's left there...
    1. Gabi Tóth, Freddie Shuman & Begi Lotfi - Hosszú Idők
    2. Joci Pápai - Origo
    3. Gigi Radics - See It Through
    4. Soulwave - Kalandor
    5. Spoon 21 - Deák
    6. Viki Singh - Rain
    7. Peet Project - Kill Your Monster
    8. Dávid Henderson - White Shadows
    9. Roma Soul - Nyitva A Ház
    10. Kállay Saunders Band - 17
    11. Ádám Szabó - Together
    12. Benji - Karcok
    13. Mrs Columbo - Frozen King
    14. Gina Kanizsa - Fall Like Rain
    15. The Couple - Vége Van
    16. Leander Kills - Élet
    17. Chase - Dust In The Wind
    18. Zävodi + Olivér Berkes - #háttérzaj
  8. Mina Member with a "past"

    I only like 17 and Together from this bunch.
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  9. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    There are so many good songs in this. I can't believe how good A Dal is this year. Spoon 21, Peet Project, Ádám Szabo, Mrs Columbo, and even Kallay Saunders are all lovely. The Couple's Vége Van is my all-around favourite song in this entire NF season (at least so far).
  10. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

  11. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator


    How can four musical professionals give the max score to a song like 'Fall Like Rain'?

    Origo is the only viable option out of these four so far, in my opinion - darken the stage a bit more and a bit of rework with the stage performance (do it more like the official video) and I'll like it even more (it's not my type of music and yet, I find myself liking it.)
  12. Mina Member with a "past"

    I don't like any of the 4 songs. I would like Fall Like Rain if she could sing.
  13. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    God knows what happened there. I understood the scores for Origo, but the 5 from the app voters for Gina was more than enough. I gave it a 4/10 and thought I was being generous. She's clearly not popular with the viewers though, so even if she makes the superfinal, she'll be cannon fodder.
  14. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    And the final field is complete, with the following qualifiers:
    1. Gabi Tóth, Freddie Shuman & Begi Lotfi - Hosszú Idők (44 points)
    2. Leander Kills - Élet (43 points)
    3. Zävodi + Olivér Berkes - #háttérzaj (43 points)
      Televoting qualifier:
    4. Kállay Saunders Band - 17 (42 points)
    Meaning the total field will look like this:
    1. Pápai Joci - Origo (45 points)
    2. Kanizsa Gina - Fall Like Rain (45 points)
    3. Gabi Tóth, Freddie Shuman & Begi Lotfi - Hosszú Idők (44 points)
    4. Leander Kills - Élet (43 points)
    5. Zävodi + Olivér Berkes - #háttérzaj (43 points)
    6. Kállay Saunders Band - 17 (42 points)
    7. Radics Gigi - See It Through (42 points)
    8. Soulwave - Kalandor (37 points)
    Next week, the finalists will perform again. The jury will then select the top four. The superfinal will then be 100% televoting. Tóth Gabi and Pápai Joci are still looking like favourites. Kanizsa Gina and Berkés Olivér don't seem to get the support from the viewers (both got a 5/10 on the app)...
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  15. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    I like Kallay Saunders the most of the above :S Such a good NF and then they got rid of everything that was worth it (Spoon 21, Peet Project, Mrs Columbo, The Couple, Ádám Szabo, even Soulwave, wtf). I could totally support Joci Pápai if he ditched the bloody rap, I like the song but that ruins it - and it's me saying it.
  16. Genesis2703 Pointless

    A Dal Ranking (Final - Based on the lives)
    1. Gabi Tóth, Freddie Shuman & Begi Lotfi - Hosszú Idők
    2. Radics Gigi - See It Through
    3. Pápai Joci - Origo
    4. Kállay Saunders Band - 17
    5. Soulwave - Kalandor [The live is a bit naff]
    6. Kanizsa Gina - Fall Like Rain [I'd like this a lot if that lady could actually sing]
    7. Zävodi + Olivér Berkes - #háttérzaj
    8. Leander Kills - Élet
    I hope they send Hosszú Idők but they could also do well with Origo, I do wish he'd ditch that rap though....
  17. Julio STRANGLES

    thing that won:

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