•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Turin!

I am quite frankly disgusted...

  1. Hehe, you all thought I was talking about Norway didn't you? :P :D nooo, congratulations spiritual neighbours *hugs* you still have one more to go though ;)

    No, I'm talking about something quite different which you may be completely unaware of. A few days ago in the thread "Semi One: YourThoughts" I wrote:

    "Also, referring to the postcards, Russia did something quite impressive and controversial and actually supported (albeit very subtly) Armenia's position in the conflict they're having/had with Azerbaijan. In their postcard there was a shot of a male and female statue in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh...don't know why it's important but I found it interesting/surprising..."

    When Sirusho announced the Armenian votes last night, she deliberately held up a clipboard with a picture of that statue on it, and in the background the same thing could be seen. In this conflict I side with Armenia BUT this is appalling, petty, shocking and quite frankly unacceptable behaviour and I am rather disgusted with Armenia's actions last night...
  2. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    See, I noticed she was making it quite obvious she was trying to make a point. And I wondered whether it was a political gesture or just a lovely building that Armenia wanted to show off! Unfortunately it seems it was a political gesture :( Last night was truly amazing and i'm so happy (even for Norway!), but its just a shame that something always has to slightly sour the event.

    On the plus side it was the best ESC ever and I am genuinely happy Norway won!!!!
  3. Mark New Member

    Too be honest, I was thinking "How rough does Sirusho look" rather than some political statement - maybe if she wore a wig and sang We Don't Wanna Put In - it would have been better :D and funnier :D

    OMG! I noticed the obvious clipboard gesture too. Russia sabotaged the bosnian song too, they didnt give them their red-flag moment! Fkn russians....

    ANYWAY I am still FURIOUS at the nation of Turkey and my political BNP quest continues.
  5. Kevin New Member

    Herpies for the Bin!

    Regarding this statue;


    I see it when watching Sirusho and the clipboard... it is defo behind her and on her clipboard. ON THE OTHER HAND, I have watched the armenian postcard a few times and cannot see it anywhere....
  7. It may have been removed in the final postcard but it's definitely in the semi one: keep paying attention to the top right hand corner.

    I've re-watched the voting today and realised it's actually one of the more amusing things of the year :P nobody but the Azeris/Armenians blatently understood it judging by the complete lack of comments on YouTube and the way Sirusho lifts up the clipboard is just amazing :D so subtle...not!
  8. Yes, I was right - you can't see it in the final postcard because Russia edited it out...quite a fuck up in the first place if you as me :o

    It gets better, apparently during the voting Azeri TV blocked out the number to call to vote for Armenia (not that they would :P) just to make extra sure they got 0 from them...read some more here.

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