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Info About MILKlands

  1. MILKshake  

    MERĦBA this is MILKlands calling...

    <3 Capital: MILKalletta
    <3 Largest City: MILKalletta
    <3 National Anthem: MILKshake
    <3 Official Languages: Maltese, English, Italian & Arabic
    Ethnic Groups: MILKteasers 95%, Furnizers 1% Sheep 1% and other 3%.
    <3 Currency: MILK lira
    <3 National Broadcasting: MILKO TV Broadcasting Services
    <3 Internet TLD: .com.ml

    The islands of MILKlands form the most southern country in the continent of Avalon, and are located a few kilometres away from Sheepmark. The head of state in this constitutional monarchy is Queen Chiara, who oversees the parliamentary debates which take place at the government buildings in the capital, MILKalletta, which has a population of 400 people. The entire islands have a population of 2400 people and more than one million cows, who keep the two rivers of milk flowing. Naturally, the main source of income is from the milk exporting industry as MILKlands collectively supply the whole of Avalon with fresh milk daily.

    MILKlands have two mountains and four islands.


    pics from our beloved MILKlands the lands of love, sex and magic :D

    first of all this is the map


    the flag of MILKlands


    our Queen Chiara, the one that u love like an angel in your darknest night but what if we will hug her :cool:

    *she hugs you back with a wink*



    fresh products from our lands...

    *tinsiex frisk kuljum l-aħjar bunnies*


    catch you soon with more info about MILKlands
    in a while spread love mwah
  2. Mina Member with a "past"

    LMAO I love MILKlands..especially the lowfat...yogurt(?) and the flag:D
    Of course SM's queen is sexier but yours has a better voice..LOL
  3. MILKshake &nbsp;

    rofll oh thanks, yes low fat yogurt for better diet :P
  4. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    i love ur queen!!! are the buildings on her head in real size btw?!
  5. MILKshake &nbsp;

    oh yes lol and the buildings on her head are the crown
  6. MILKshake &nbsp;

    this is the capital city of MILKlands, MILKalletta


    Nestlust island


    cutuncut island, the smallest island and where our queen Chaira lives



    in sextascy old island you can find MILK TV the national tv station


    and this is the official logo of MILKO TV

  7. MILKshake &nbsp;

    Marocco have a traditional thing that the bride before her wedding, she having a bath with milk and in MILKlands this thing we do it too everyday and for us this is a symbol of love and lust when we do it with someone else :P so we love having baths with fresh milk lol



    this is the most popular monument in MILKlands, theres a lot of fairytales about it

  8. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    LMAOOOOOO I love your monument! :P I am currently working on pictures for BD atm but i'm taking them myself so you'll see them kinda soon .. ish :D
  9. MILKshake &nbsp;

    svante loves you rofll :D

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