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Inspireland #26

  1. Julio STRANGLES

    First of all I want to congratulate FURNYLAND for more an amazing victory in last edition, then after I want to give a special thank you to the nations of ECHELON, BALUNISTAN and SAINT PEACH for the 12pts they gave me this edition, as well to all the others that voted me.

    As for my song this edition it goes on the normal kind of song you are used to get from me, and you ask what is that? well simple, here you have it in a list:

    - Language: Italian (also send in edition 21 and 23)
    - Its a band (I sent bands in editon 18; 19; 20; 22; E2; 23; 24; 25)
    - Its Pop Rock (Sent this type in 18; 19; 23)

    More informations about the song and band, the song is from 2010, the band was never in San Remo festival, they were found in myspace, and the main instruments of the song are battery, electric guitar and violins.

    Inspireland future:

    we were not to take part this edition as many of you might know, we are taking part as a request from Furnyland as they are the host and and also doing it for last time. As for my reasons they are quite simple, many people in this contest are always complaining about many things and many people, they keep on talking bad of this one cause he sent a famous song or that one cause he sent a song that was in one other contest, well people I have something to say to you 'look to yourself before talking about the others' many people that bash about fame either already sent fame or already voted for fame, those that blame the ones that sent songs from other contest already did the same, and some go as far as when someone shows them a song they go and send it many times without even asking to the person that asked them the opinion, other fact are the voting methods of some people, remember when people keep on complaining about DAVIS ISLAND-DHAKAN voting, but really looking to some of the last 4-5 editions and you will find out many other people that no one mentions or talks about exchanging always points. This is supposed to be a contest of songs not a contest of friendships, this is my advice, before talk look to yourself, and for those that steal songs its time for you to find originality and start sending what's yours, when this is corrected I will come back till there, au revoir my friends.
  2. Just to add to it:
    We all complain over how countries in ESC exchange points and we all want to make this contest somehow as exciting as ESC could be if were not for the exchanging points,.. then why are we?

    (Yes, I say we because all of us have been in these circumstances, wanted to or not.)
  3. True Julio. And what's famous to me (Indian Love Call :D ) may not be considered famous to other people.
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    we cant change your mind, can we? but im sure we all would be delighted if inspireland kept taking part...
    but for this edition, boa sorte (is that right?) :oops:
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  5. Julio STRANGLES

    no, and yes its right :P and good luck you too
  6. Julio STRANGLES

    English Lyrics:

    Hope you like it
  7. Entario Junior Member

    I totally understand your reasons Julio, and I for one agree. Though I wont go into my own personal opinion as that would most likely cause more unnecessary drama.
  8. Eurovizz Member

    Maybe from now on, people should just resist from creating an anti-fame environment that has prevailed in this contest for quite a while now..

    I just think those who always have complained about people sending fame should've just been quiet in the first place!!

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