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Interview with Agusta Eva/Silvia Night

  1. Wiggles Administrator

    Hi, so this is a quick translation of an interview I just listened to here

    It's with Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir who performed as Silvía Night in 2006, where she talks a bit about the reception she got in Greece and what she was up to.

    I may make some modifications for better wording or typos when I see them, and there was one sentence I couldn't make out properly, so I just wrote ???. Here it is:

    s = Ágústa Eva/Silvía Night
    1 = Interviewer 1
    2 = Interviewer 2

    1-Töff töff töff
    2-Yes, this is töff (1)
    1-Congratulations Iceland. This was, well, our entry in the Eurovision contest when it was held in... Greece if I remember correctly. Ágústa Eva probably knows more about this. Hello Ágústa.
    S-Hello boys
    1-Was it in Greece?
    S-Yes, this was in Greece.
    1-You were wiggling in Greece (2)
    2-Doddi (3), Doddi. Rhyme humour. Never fails.
    S-Yes, this is funny.
    2-Well, this song. It was a big hit in Iceland.
    2-And then you went over there
    2-And it was, well, a quite daring number, it must be said. Wasn't it?
    2-Well, daring. Wasn't it a bit, well?
    S-The number?
    2-Yes, then I mean, I mean it was quite "different".
    1-Yes, it wasn't like, pornographic.
    2-God, no. That's not what I mean. It was just, a bit on the edge.
    S-The number itself, then?
    2-Yes, didn't you think so?
    S-I don't know, it was really the same number (as at home)
    2-Similar to the Russian grannies then?
    S-They were though, weren't they some years later? But the number itself was very similar to the national finals. We were, well, we signed a contract that we wouldn't do this and that. We were in a dog leash. We couldn't do anything on the stage, and for the first time the broadcast wasn't sent out live.
    1-Was it the same year as the Russian girls?
    1-Yes, Tatu.
    S-No, no.
    1-But you didn't sign anything about what you did off the stage, did you?
    1-You had a pretty free rein there.
    S-Yes, yes. That was also because we were writing it as we went, and we thought, everyone thought we would advance. So we were going to do something more in the finals. But then it went a bit differently than what we anticipated.
    1-So we didn't get to see the whole story?
    S-No, that's the way it is. If we had known this was our only chance, then we would have done it a bit differently.
    2-Yes. How were you received, by the other contestants and journalists, from all over Europe?
    S-Well, very well. People were generally very surprised and happy with it. There were incredibly many people who got it and participated in the masquerade, just like here at home.
    S-So I think many people misunderstood it here in Iceland, like it was a big mess, but there were also people abroad who played along.
    S-Thought it was all very entertaining and funny.
    2-Is this, well when the song is performed we can hear booing in the arena and stuff. What was that about?
    2-What was that?
    S-Just, everything blew up, because there was this Greek TV-channel that had an "in moment" with us. We went for an interview, and it was somewhat misinterpreted, that is, during the sound check, the sound check before Eurovision, I was just playing around, improvising. Creating a scene. So I started playing around with the sound man who was on the speaker system
    S-that it was his fault, that I lost the microphone during the number, and I started verbally abusing him a little, nicely. Which he received quite well and started playing with it. Then it developed into some stuff that ??? Icelandic
    S-And called her an Amateur. And this episode was played day out an day in on this Greek channel. And this was misinterpreted as I having said Greeks were ugly and stupid or something. They were all like: "Whaa, she said all Greeks are ugly..."
    S-We hate you, you have insulted our nation.
    1-You had a little clash with a contestant, didn't you? Who was it, the Swedish contestant?
    S-No, I had no clash. I was just messing around. But I was making up stories after the contest, you know, why Silvía didn't win, and why the other had advanced, being old and ugly and had no talent. And this Swedish one, Carola, who has been there many times for Sweden. I started saying I'd seen her and the EBU head, Svante, I had seen them having sexual activities outside in a car, outside the Eurovision hotel, and that was why she advanced from the semi.
    2-Yes, just, as you say.
    S-Yes, like people say. And this then came in Aftenposten (4), one of Sweden's main newspapers, on the front page, under the title "Eurovision". So it went a little bit out of hand. So it's not strange that people over the world did react a bit badly to this.
    2-Yes well, Silvía Nótt isn't really very,
    1-Not very delicate.
    2-Not very delicate.
    S-No, she is,
    2-She's going all the way.
    S-Yes, like I think, most who enter Eurovision. They want to go all the way. There's some strange feeling that you get when people start competing. Competing in arts. Then they aren't there under the same premises, like people usually do in art. So they're competing and become a little bit nasty.
    1-Somewhere I heard that you had fallen ill at the time the entry was broadcast on TV. Is there something to that?
    S-I wasn't maybe really ill, but I was
    S-No, not at all, but long since out of energy. It was so energetic. We had just arrived from a tour of the Balkans, presenting ourselves, and we got maybe one or two days to pack our bags when we got home. So there had been a heavy drive during the preceding two weeks. So I was really out of energy, and my friend one day stood outside our hotel and said: "You will not pass. She's sleeping." And she arranged it so I could sleep a few more hours.
    S-But I wasn't really ill or anything.
    1-Ágústa, we maybe get to eavesdrop more on you later, we're out of time, but thanks a lot for the chat.
    S-Yes, thank you too. And happy Eurovision
    (Banter, banter...)

    (1) Töff is Icelandic slang for "cool"
    (2) Stupid rhyming
    (3) Interviewer no. 1
    (4) Must mean Aftonbladet

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