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Introducting - The Westerlands

  1. nnnx New Member

    The Westerlands is a country located in the North-West region of Avalon. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the South, an Annex of Furnyland to the North-West, Il Regno D'Italofilia to the North, Empelia to the East and Eigerland to the South. The country is made up of 16 provinces.

    Official Name: Republic of The Westerlands

    Capital: Atlantic Port (English)
    Port Atlantique (French)
    Atlantische Port (Dutch)

    Official Languages: English

    Demonym: Westerlander

    Population: 21,598,949

    Currency: Westerland Pound


    Capitals of each province are in Italics
    Letters in the Brackets represent the Provinces abreviations.

    1. Cielterre (CT) Ville de Soleil
    2. Fleur des terres (FT) Vitaa
    3. Région Étoiles (RE) Ville de L'Étoiles
    4. Province Vert (PE) Rashell
    5. Hanland (HL) Main
    6. Atlantic Province (AP) Atlantic Port
    7. North Dakmanster (ND) Montemichele
    8. South Dakmanster (SD) Ushkeley
    9. Adel (AL) Calmwater
    10. Steppleton (ST) Wardson
    11. West Central Province (WCP) Richardman
    12. East Central Province (ECP) Taylorman
    13. Elling (EL) Ansteij
    14. Asharie (AS) Ninnerver
    15. Laagland (LL) Laagstad
    16. Zuidenburg (ZB) Alexanderstad

    International Relations

    The Westerlands has always kept it's neutrality and that has been respected and honoured by it's neighbours. The Westerlands has also maintained it's loyalty to Sheepmark which is reciprocated by Sheepmark and the Sheep people.
  2. Liam Esterran.

    Wodongaria extends its warm greetings!

    Welcome dear neighbour!:P

    Greetings from Empelia!
  4. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Black Daisytan would send a letter of greetings, however an international postage stamp costs far too much for our impoverished nation to handle.

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