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Ireland 2010 !!

  1. Alex Identified Flying Object

    I just found some bettings for predicting who will represent IRELAND in Oslo!
    ( http://www.paddypower.com/bet/novelty-betting/music/eurovision-song-contest )

    Imelda May : 6/1
    John & Edward Grimes : 8/1
    Leanne Moore : 10/1
    Johnny Logan : 12/1
    Industry : 12/1
    Brian McFadden : 14/1
    B*Witched : 14/1
    Adrian Kenny (2009 Irish & World Karaoke Champion) : 14/1
    Kandy Rain : 16/1
    Boyzone : 18/1
    Nadine Coyle : 20/1
    Podge & Rodge : 20/1
    Niamh Kavanagh : 20/1
    Jennifer Ward (2009 Irish Karaoke Champion) : 20/1
    Glen Hansard : 28/1
    Damien Rice : 33/1
    Bosco : 50/1
    Andrew Strong : 50/1
    Westlife : 50/1
    The Corrs : 50/1
    Linda Martin : 66/1
    Sinead O'Connor : 66/1
    The Carter Twins : 80/1
    Daniel O'Donnell : 80/1
    Mary Black : 100/1
    The Cranberries : 100/1
    Enya : 250/1
    U2 : 500/1
    Liam Neeson : 500/1
    Bertie Ahern : 1000/1

    My best 5 hopes :
    John & Edward (They're one of my best ones on X Factor)

    Brian McFadden

    Boyzone(well, i'd prefer Ronan Keating alone)

    Damien Rice


    Fingers crossed for John & Edward!!
  2. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    umm no flyer rofl
    "burn" is a scarily amazing song
  3. Alex Identified Flying Object

    I can say yes!! It's really good! And they are really good! (could the black-haired guy be the one who sung "Double cross my heart" in the 2008 Irish NF?)

    But also forgot to mention i'd love to see The Script on ESC!!:o:o
  4. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    yeah it is donal skehan
  5. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    EXACTLY. I bought their album a week ago or so and haven't stopped listening to it since, its actually superb. They're the only artist(s) from Ireland that I actually listen to, and I know they would never do ESC, but they're still amazing nonetheless.

    PLEASE say you're joking, they're SHITE. End of. Btw if they represent Ireland they're quite obv gonna fail miserably because:
    a) They're shite.
    b) They can't sing.
    c) They're shite.

    So please NO JOHN AND EDWARD.
  6. Alex Identified Flying Object

    WOW i had heard he was in a band , but it was a boyband :S
    Maybe the girls are transexuals?:S
  7. Alex Identified Flying Object

    I bought their album months ago , and i even used their songs for our school movie:cool:
    Best tracks : We cry , Before the worst , Talk you down , The Man Who Can't Be Moved , Breakeven , The End Where I Begin , Fall for anything , If You See Kay , I'm yours , Anybody There :D:D All except for 1:o
    They are a combination of Beatles with U2 and Take That to my ears , so success is secure!

    PS : They are another irish act greek teens don't stop listening to , and radios so play their songs:)
  8. Are you thinking of the boyband StreetWize, also including Jonathan Fagerlund :)
  9. Alex Identified Flying Object

    OMG yes :o! Thanks!

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