•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Malmö!

Ireland 2020

  1. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    Well, here it is! Our entry for Eurovision, Lesley Roy with 'Story Of My Life'.

    It's throwback in the same way that Waterline was, reminiscent of the yesteryear of pop - is it gonna qualify? Probably not but it's an easy improvement over what we sent last year and I look forward to seeing what ThisIsPopBaby (the stage directors) can come up with. I'm just happy I can support my country again. <<
  2. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    dont like this at all and she is very shouty
    Mina likes this.
  3. James ... and his things xD

    I am happy you like it, Rua.
    It's better than a lot that we already have, but i have the idea this would have been good for 2002. I don't know what to think yet.

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