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Is your contest participation at risk?

  1. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.


    Some of the regular members will remember that several years ago I mentioned that contest eligibility will be tied to chat participation. Indeed, until now, it has been, but without any formal measurement metric.

    After observing that the chat room has been virtually empty all week, this has now changed. Contest participation is tied in directly with the amount of engagement you make in the chat room over a rolling 30 day period.

    To maintain eligibility for the contest, each participant must actively engage in the chat room for at least 12 out of every 30 days (that's only 3 days a week, come on...), unless very special circumstances apply. If you don't meet that threshold, you will be deemed "at risk", which means you have 30 more days to improve your engagement in the chat room. If you still fall below what is expected of you after that timeframe, you will be marked as ineligible.

    All of this data is processed automatically each night, with the current standings available on a new page on the contest website.

    Be aware that, as the data processed on the contest website is automated, it does not consider any special circumstances. For example, in the past 30 days, Mina has only earned 9 qualifying days, but she's been on holiday. The system doesn't know this, so she has been marked "at risk". However, I have no doubts whatsoever that, now she's back, she will quickly move back into the "Eligible" category, and I wouldn't remove her eligibility based on this. Others such as Sheep and Hanita have also been on holiday which will hopefully explain the low figures. If special circumstances do apply, I will consider them before making a final decision on your ongoing eligibility, but excuses such as work, school, university or time zone differences aren't good enough - others manage.

    Note that a "qualifying day" is not earned by simply showing up to the chat room, but rather, actively engaging whilst you are there. The exact assessment criteria is not being disclosed but it is based on a range of factors; how often you visit, how long you stay there, how much time you spend actually chatting as opposed to sitting there doing nothing ("painting"), your degree of engagement and the quality of your messages ("lol" or "hi" aren't considered high quality, for instance). Private or whispered messages don't count, either.

    Keep in mind that the contest was always meant to be a bonus for the regular chatters, and that's what I want it to be. But you have to be a regular chatter in the first place. Emphasis on chatter, not painter.

    As this is a new system, I am offering everybody an extended grace period until the end of Edition 95 before removing anybody's eligibility based on the collated chat room data. This should give you all plenty of time to boost your engagement levels where necessary to maintain your eligibility for the contest. I hope that you enjoy the contest enough to increase your participation levels, if necessary.

    As a reminder, the eligibility tracker page is automatically updated once a day, overnight, on this page, which you can also access via the "Nations" menu on the contest website.

    If you have any sensible questions, please post them below.
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  2. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

  3. dan Bald Member

    This is a good kick up the arse for myself and no doubt many others!
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  4. James ... and his things xD

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  5. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    Excellent work as per usual, mgf jw
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  6. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    AFTER the first update, a couple of queries have arisen:

    1. I was active today, why has my counter gone down?

    Yesterday's initial sample of data used a 31-day cycle. This has been lowered to a 30-day cycle, with the net result that most (but not all) people have lost a day.

    2. If I am active, why is my counter staying the same?

    It's based on a rolling 30-day cycle, so if you were already active 30 days ago, then remaining active 30 days later just maintains the equilibrium, so you won't gain an additional day. You'll only gain an extra day when you are active on a day where, 30 days previously, you were inactive. Similarly, you'll lose a day if 30 days previously you were active, but 30 days later you are not.
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  7. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    Crystal clear, thanks.

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