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iTunes: Norway

  1. Eurovizz Member

    The Norwegian iTunes chart per May 31, 2010:


    1. Madcon: Glow - Not a shock, it was our flash mob soundtrack + the boys are popular.
    2. Lena: Satellite - Well, her album charted well here before the final, so Lena has been doing strong in Norway for quite a while now.
    3. Chaane & N'evergreen: In A Moment Like This - Danish pop music never gets rejected among the Norwegian music listeners. Denmark is the country we share neighbour pts the most in the contest, btw.
    4. Jessy Matador: Allez Ola Ole - Loved by Norwegian youths. Was asked to be used during gymnastics lessons today at school by my classmates who generally hate ESC.
    5. Safura: Drip Drop - As above, loved by many youths. Was also played a lot at school today.
    6. Edward Maya - Stereo Love: Been there for a while. Mainstream music.
    7. Anna Bergendahl: This is my life - Has fell a bit after her semi final loss.
    8. Tom Dice: Me and My Guitar - Typical radio pop music that is appreciated by many Norwegians.
    9. Sunstroke Project ft. Olia Tira - Loved by Norwegian youths. The most played song at school today, especially the saxophone part of the song. One of my friends made a facebook group dedicated to the saxophonist, now it has over 3,000 Norwegians in the group praising Moldova.
    10. Ovi ft. Paula Seling - Again, typical radio pop with catchy tunes + Ovi being Norwegian.

  2. Freakazoid New Member

    It should be mentioned that 'Drip Drop' was written and produced by a Swedish production team. It has that catchy Scandinavian sound to it that is popular around the world but rarely attributed to where it should be.

    Ovi's song with Paula also is Norwegian pop material. Romania was extremely lucky to get Ovi to represent them. He applied his Norwegian-leant music production skills.

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